TAFE Conducts Health Check Drive at Head Office

TAFE organised ‘Arogya’, a health check-up drive, at the TAFE Head Office in Chennai on 29 May, 2013.

Employees present were guided by technicians from Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited, who conducted tests such as ECG, blood tests, blood pressure checks and height-weight measurements. The same camp will be conducted across different locations.

Arogya covered a total of 89 employees. Special thanks to the admin team who did a wonderful job in arranging the facilities on short notice!


TAFE Achieves Yet Another Milestone

The Transmission Gear Box, which was rolled out on 27th May 2013, from our Sembiam plant, was it’s 25000th. Faster by any means…and indeed a date to get etched in your brains. You may be quizzed any time from now!

This is a remarkable milestone in the history of TAFE!


TAFE 5S Awards – 2013

The TAFE 5S Awards were presented at our Sembiam premises by  Mr. Shaik Rahiman, AVP (Operations) and Mr. Chandra Mouli S, VP (Finance). They addressed the gathering on the importance of 5S practice in TAFE.

Also, Dr. R Balakrishnan, 5S external auditor from ABK – AOTS Dosokai was also present in this occation.

There were two awards presented on both divisional and location levels. Apart from these four awards, eight individual department/zone level awards were also presented by Mr. Shaik Rahiman.

Congrats to the winners for putting things in the right place..literally!


The Icon Retires Will Anybody Ever Bend It Like Beckham

He may have not been the fastest on the field.. He may have not had crazy tackling ability. But he was the best of what he could be. David Beckham is a household name today, obviously, as he is the biggest celebrity that the football world has ever seen. But fame and fashion aside, it was the sheer precision of David’s long passes, free kicks and corner kicks that won the hearts of football fans all over the world, including mine.

Starting out as a young lad in the English Premier League, Becks seemed to be the boy to look out for. He had one big dream in his mind, and it came true; playing for Manchester United.Under Sir Alex Ferguson’s able guidance, Beckham blossomed from a young talent to a global superstar, known for his trademark ability to curve the ball so beautifully, creating the popular phrase that was also a movie title: Bend it like Beckham!

After many successful years at Old Trafford, Becks joined the star-studded Real Madrid line-up and didn’t disappoint. Even while playing alongside Zenedine Zidance, Luis Figo, Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos; who were all stars by themselves, Beckham managed to carve a niche for himself when it came to long passes and spot kicks.

As with all celebrities, the media’s portrayal of David Beckham’s personal life and other non-related stuff began to distact people away from his real talent. But Beckham didn’t give in, he took it all on. He endorsed brands, married pop celebrity Posh Spice, became a fashion icon; but he made sure he still delivered his 100% on the field, and that is why he is what he is today.

Beckham didn’t really have a dream start to his international career though. His controversial red card against Argentina at the quarter-finals of World Cup 1998 angered English fans to such an extent, that they blamed him solely for England’s failure to move further in the tournament. Effigies were burnt, and the whole nation hated him. But as a man of great character, Beckham went face to face with this hatred and became England’s captain. He also redeemed himself and won back the love of his countrymen by scoring a crucial, defining last minute wonder free kick goal against Greece at the 2002 World Cup Qualifiers that took England through to the World Cup.

After having conquered the English Premier League and La Liga in Spain, Becks moved to the USA and joined LA Galaxy. Within few months of his inclusion, football, or ‘soccer’, as the Americans call it, became ever so popular. During his time there, Beckham was able to add such a level of class to Major League Soccer, and this seemed to bring about a better standard of soccer in the USA. During this period, Beckham also played for Italian giants, A C Milan, on loan.

Injury did play spoilsport for a few years, depriving Beckham of playing the 2010 World Cup. However, Becks continued to train hard, and focus on his practice and recovery. He took the LA Galaxy to the league leader position, and evidently conquered yet another league.

Post this, Beckham joined the French League with top club, PSG. He signed a very unique contract wherein he stated that all his salary earned here would directly go to a children’s home. With a season at PSG, Becks, although not as quick and firey as he was before, gave his best, and eventually, PSG were champions of the French League 2012-13. This according to Becks, was the perfect finish to an amazing career.

Beckham is not a Messi, or a Ronaldo, but he’s David Beckham; the man who made free kicks beautiful!


TMTL Engine Business Receives Excellence in Infra Equipment 2012-13 Silver Award from Indus Towers Limited

With a portfolio of more than 1,11,819 towers, Indus Towers is the largest telecom tower company in the world,  & TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited (TMTL) has been powering their telecom towers with highly efficient & reliable DG Sets.

On this note, Indus Towers Limited recently conducted their Business Partners meet, where TMTL’s Engine Bbsiness received the “Excellence in Infra-Equipment 2012-13” Silver Award.

In 2011-12, TMTL got multiple awards for service team & dealers for service excellence.

Cheers to TMTL for this recognition!



TMTL Engine Business Power Generation Division Launches TMTL Care

TMTL (Engine Business – Power Generation Division) has launched TMTL Care for India: 1860-425-8685. This is a single point of contact for silent diesel generator customers seeking information on DG set availability, rating, price, along with any generator related complaints that might need TMTL’s attention.

TMTL shared that providing customers with an easy and official contact point is critical. This number is valid across India, and to provide quick service, a large pan-India network of the company’s best business partners have been trained to enable them to undertake speedy resolution.

This is one of the ongoing series of initiatives that TMTL has been undertaking for the past few years to take customer experience to the next level. Single phone number, manned by trained professionals, is the solution that fits easily into the busy lives of our customers.

Complaints are registered and forwarded to the relevant individual. The complaint is tracked, and the customer is constantly updated by a phone call or SMS, until the complaint is resolved and closure is achieved.

1-860-425-8685 is operational 24 X7 i.e. all days of the week, including Sundays and national holidays.