• A TAFE tractor adorning a lush green field in Bangladesh

  • A TAFE tractor in a paddy field in Bangladesh

  • A TAFE tractor navigates tricky terrain and heavy loads in a quarry in Bangladesh

  • The TAFE range of tractors are versatile and here it is being used for haulage in a quarry in Bangladesh


TAFE tractors cultivating prosperity in Bangladesh

TAFE range of tractors showcase their prowess in Bangladesh

Tractors from Tractors and Farm Equipment LimitedTAFE  have been powering farms in over 100 countries, and have a predominant presence in several African and South Asian countries. TAFE tractors are a favourite in Bangladesh, and TAFE is proud to be a partner in the growth and prosperity of the nation.

According to a World Bank report, “Irrigation, high-yielding crop varieties, more efficient markets, and mechanization, enabled by policy reforms and investments in agriculture research, human capital, and roads have driven growth.”

Tractors from TAFE are versatile and have been engineered keeping in mind the varied soil conditions and requirements of any given task. Apart from agriculture, they are used for haulage in various industries like agriculture, mining, infrastructure, fisheries, construction etc. and have proven their mettle around the world.

Here is a photo story of TAFE tractors cultivating Bangladesh!

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