From the CEO’s Desk


Dear Team

I hope you and families are well and taking necessary precautions to arrest the spread of the Covid19 pandemic.

The self-imposed ‘Janta Curfew’ was a show of solidarity for India as a Nation and also a recognition of what lies ahead.

We at TAFE, have decided to close operations across the country, even in states where there is no lockdown. All our manufacturing plants will be shut down and offices will remain closed, except for critical functions, and, teams will be working from home. All preparations are being made in earnest to facilitate this arrangement.

Both Alwar and Bhopal plants are closed. Doddaballapur, Madurai, Sembiam and Parwanoo plants are winding up its operations and will shutdown on 24/03/2020 except for the critical functions in both the offices and plants. The corporate office has now implemented the “Work from Home” arrangement and teams will be working from home from tomorrow. All Sales and Regional offices are closed and Marketing Teams across the country have been briefed to work from home. All these decisions are effective from today until further notice.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank in advance all the critical-team members who will continue to support our departments and customers, especially our service teams from Tractor and Engines Division. The Engines service team is doing their best to service the telecom sector and emergency operations across the country. I would also like to recognize and appreciate the efforts of the support functions like Admin and IT.

Our communication lines remain open and I request you to reach out to your manager or the respective HR team for any concern or questions. I will be communicating updates as and when they occur. Stay tuned to my messages, it may reach you via different channels – emails and WhatsApp. Do share and circulate these messages widely amongst your team and colleagues within the organization. Duplicity doesn’t matter – just ensure we communicate and keep everyone informed!

The Senior Leadership is continuously assessing and monitoring the situation as it unfolds and I assure you we are well-prepared to handle the crisis. Working from home may be new to most of us and it’s important to recognize that it requires discipline and accountability. It is important to be available to respond to everyone, especially your critical stakeholders, in a timely manner during these times of turmoil and disruption. As we operate as a virtual organization, I urge you to use this time effectively, revisit old projects and utilize this time prepping for business-as-usual, which may arrive without much notice.

Our spirit is beyond damage and well beyond the grasp of this Virus. Let’s pledge to stay positive and do our best to keep our homes and the country safe.

Warm Regards

Sandeep Sinha
Chief Executive Officer


Engineer of the Year Award for RA Armstrong


The SAE India Foundation has chosen RA Armstrong from TAFE – R&D Team, for the Engineer of the Year Award 2019-20. The award was presented to him by Dr. Richard Greaves, Past President, SAE International, on February 10, 2020 at New Delhi, in recognition of his outstanding achievement as Automotive Engineering Professional and his contributions towards organizing various competitions and other activities for students that have helped in the overall development of engineering academia, for SAE India and SAE SIS for over a decade.

 All of us at TAFE congratulate Mr. Armstrong on receiving the award and take pride in his remarkable achievement!