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Journey into the world of tractors – PTC training experience

Our three-day journey into the world of TAFE started in a vast area filled with mango trees, fields and muddy footpaths. There was so much greenery that it would probably hurt your eyes if you live in a concrete jungle. With gigantic wheels and an elephantine look, tractors are vehicles that none can miss while driving on roads or crossing through fields. I always wondered what it did, except the general idea that it is used in agricultural fields and could haul heavy weights. We were a group of six people, filled with curiosity and excitement, trying our best to figure out what learnings the training held for us. At the Kelambakam property, I witnessed one of the finest state-of-the-art training centres. There were different implements and tractor models on display, taking us to the bygone times of the 1960s. One may wonder how a rugged tractor training can happen in such a beautiful place.

Day one started with the introduction to what a tractor is, the types and different models of tractors, and various tractor applications across various fields. Little did I know that it can pull boats, power a village as a generator, haul extreme weights, act as a dozer, and much more. We also learned about the tractor starting procedures and tractor testing procedures. Our key takeaway was that every tractor is a powerhouse on wheels.

Day two was filled with technical aspects of an engine and how the power is distributed to the wheels and implements. Although mechanics is not our forte, the practical explanation by our trainers with working models made us understand the mechanics behind tractors. Each one of us felt like an engineer at the end of the session.

The final day of the training was the most memorable for us. Every single trainee was taught to drive a tractor. Our trainer, Mr.Ponpandian guided us throughout the session with all safety measures and precautions. The technical knowledge that we gained during the initial days of training helped us drive the tractor around. We were also taken around the JFarm, an adaptive research facility where we witnessed various soil and water conservation techniques and the latest farming technologies. The pride that every single trainee felt was mutual when we successfully completed day three.

The training at TAFE’s centre taught me much about the multiple functions of a tractor and the working of farm implements. The main purpose of any industrial training is to understand the working of a product and its usage. The on-hand practical experience helped us connect with the product regardless of our area of expertise.

Each one of us realized that industrial training acts as a link between theory and the real working environment. I realized how farm mechanization helps in the growth of a society, its people, and the economy. I take pride to work in an industry that directly connects with the backbone of the country, the farmers, who make life on land possible through agriculture.

Journey of Shakthi Priya

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