Umesh Bhagwan Gotmare


Tractor Ki Pathshala


Industrial training provides exposure to the real working environment and TAFE’s three-day PTC training helped me to understand the tractor industry better. The session was an interactive learning experience with a combination of field and classroom training.

Before the session, I thought that the tractors were made for a single purpose, applicable only to farming. Little did I know of its significance in agriculture and commercial activities like loading and haulage. The training program helped me to understand more about tractors and implements, their application in commercial and agricultural fields, and how the tractor and its variants (HP-wise) are chosen as per the soil conditions.

On day two, the instructor displayed a cut section of the tractor and demonstrated how every part of the tractor works seamlessly to power the engine. This session taught me the functions of the engine, PTO, RPM, tractor torque, and other important features.

The final day of my training was the most memorable. I took the tractor for a spin with the help of a trained operator, guiding me through every step of the way. After three days of learning, I understood that tractors are truly a powerhouse on wheels and I take pride to work in an industry that is changing the way of farming in our country.