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Cultivating safety measures

Mr. Karunanithi M, the Chief Security Advisor at Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited – TAFE, is a retired police veteran with 39 years of experience. Apart from overseeing the security protocols for the TAFE Group, he plays a key role in raising awareness among employees about important security measures and vigilance  for all walks of life.

He has appeared in several leading regional television debate programs discussing pertinent issues regarding law & order, and society. He also actively engages with the student community delivering a lectures and being part of panel discussions raising awareness about the need for personal vigilance. He has written articles and columns for newspapers and magazines, with one of his latest articles appearing in the Dinamalar magazine from Tamil Nadu.

Actively engaged with the community on various safety issues, Mr. Karunanithi has shown tremendous spirit and zeal to educate people. We are proud of his efforts and hopes he continues to inspire people.