Vibroacoustic optimization in a tractor cabin
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TAFE R&D team’s methodology reduces tractor cabin noise

TAFE‘s Research and Development team has published a technical paper – ‘Simulation for tractor cabin vibroacoustic optimization’, authored by Mr. Shaikh Mohammad Asif, Mr. V Ravindran and Mr. P Nageshwara Rao in SAE’s Mobility Engineering Magazine, March 2018 issue.

The paper explains how the use of experimental and FE structural modal techniques was used to identify the root cause of the booming noise in a tractor cabin, and evaluated the potential solutions before the prototype was produced. Modal techniques were convenient to apply, and useful to identify the structural/acoustical natural frequencies of a tractor cabin. The test results were used to identify structural problems and validate FE models, which then helped evaluate potential solutions and gain insight to test results.

Since operators prefer to drive more comfortable tractors, these studies will provide an essential insight that will help design optimal tractor cabins and deliver comfortable tractors to customers. Kudos to the team on their achievement!