A Poem on Being a Role Model

When I was a child my parents were my role model

For my good behavior

When I learnt, my teacher was my role model

For my good knowledge

When I played outside, my friend was my role model

 For my good habits

When I made a mistake I was the role model

for finding a solution

Think for yourself to find a better way of life

Learn by yourself from others mistake

Think of yourself to lead others

Don’t hesitate to question others

To learn for yourself

 Don’t fear to face the problem

To learn for yourself

Think how the failure has happened

To learn for yourself

Become a role model for others.


Dharwad Krishi Mela in Karnataka

This year Karnataka State is experiencing drought in many districts and the farmers are put through lot of hardship. To address this issue, the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad has been engaged in developing technologies for draught mitigating and developing varieties tolerant to draught. The next step taken is the Krishi Mela-2012 scheduled from 22nd to 25th September organized at main campus of UAS, Dharwad.

Some priority Areas of this fair are drought management, rainwater harvesting, agriclinic & agribusiness management, farm machineries, hi-tech farming, bio-fertilizers and organic farming.

As part of this fair, special emphasis  was laid on imparting knowledge about draught management.

Apart from this, agriculture, farm machinery & organic farming exhibitions were also arranged.



The Genius of Advertising

As i sit and pen this article down, there is a song that is running through my head. And it has been ringing since last night. Contrary to what some of you may think, this is not a popular melody by an equally popular artist or a Bollywood film. It is an ad jingle. And a very annoying one at that. Those of you who have seen the recent “Dish Sawaar Hai” Ad campaign of Dish TV feauturing Sharukh Khan will get my point.

Such is the reach and genius of advertising. Making something as drab as a dish antenna connection stay in minds for so long. Not that this is the first. The popular Ad Agency Everest’s Tortoise Mosquito Coil ad campaign revolutionised the concept. Today, we have Mortein with their “Louis Machchar” campaigns which are a reverbrating hit, as well. It is quite amazing, if you think about it, of how good advertising can make seemingly mundane, everyday products come alive and entice potential customers to buy them. Case in Point example of my previous statement is the hugely popular “Zoozoo” ad campaign by Ogilvy & Mather for Vodafone. Those white, egg-like figures invaded our lives and we let them. And in the process, were imprinted by Vodafone’s branding.

Advertising seems to cut across divides and capture one and all. The In-Your-Face ads that seem to rule the roost, in our country today are a classic example. So much so, that people look forward to watching advertisements on TV!

There is also the debate on whether Television Advertising is the crux of the industry today. And while i remain non committal on if it is, one just has to look at the level of advertising in newspapers and magazines to dispel the debate, itself. However, there is no doubt that Television advertising may have a wider impact as it can employ songs, videos, and other entertaining jargon to get the point across.

Ad-wars. We all know what i am referring to, for we have seen companies take pot-shots at each other through their advertisements. I’d say this is great as the public benefits from the competition trying to outdo each other and admit it, we all love a little bit of mud-slinging. There is also the age old mantra of roping in celebrities to endorse products and no doubt, it works as the public loves to emulate what their idols do. But, on the other hand, we have witnessed so many ad campaigns sell products without the help of star power. Again, it all comes down to what you do with the product and its image before you advertise it. It also depends on the kind of product that is being advertised. Considering, for example, our own products. Tractors. It remains to be seen if we can boost our sales by roping in, say, Amitabh Bachchan, to endorse them. Then again, since we target the rural market, we cannot be very sure of our Television or Print campaigns reaching prospective customers because we do not know if the media is accessible to them as widely as it is in the urban areas or if they will get influenced by our advertising.

No easy job, advertising. Seeing that a lot of research goes behind drafting of portfolios and the works, for an ad campaign. But there is no denying the fact that in our country, it is probably the best thing to have happened to marketing and branding.




Rules of Life

The rules of life are hard to follow

But making one is like having fun


If you do not step ahead

You will be in the same place


Life is not fair to all

You should get used to it


Rules are like Road blocks on a highway

Which gives you time to choose the Right way


Betraying it may be an easy way

But you will be the one to pity it

Don’t waste time in making the rule

You can turn the world with the life’s rule


The Window – A Poem

 I was never aware there would be a better tomorrow

Until I opened the window of opportunity

Thinking of what will happen makes me worse

 Do what you like’ makes me the best

 My days of worrying are a thing of the past

 Because I have found true aspiration at last

 I have opened a window

 Which has shown me the light,

 And my future will continue to burn bright!


Life in Chennai – A Poem

Letters define words,

Words define sentences,

Sentences deliver meanings,

Like that you (Chennai) have,

Redefined me!


Take it easy ,

Is the way of life in Chennai,

Always taking it easy,

is the way of life for me!

Mom and dad are away,

And I am home alone here,

And you filled me with experience & maturity!


Time is camphor,

Which accelerates in to vapour,

And life with you (Chennai)

Is always a roller coaster ride!


Happy Engineers Day

TAFECAFE wishes all its engineers a very Happy Engineers Day!

We would like to recognize the efforts of our able engineers at all our plants and various offices for their commitment to engineering excellence at TAFE.

This day marks the birthday of one of India’s most revolutionary engineers, Sir. M. Vishweshwarayya. He was involved in building numerous dams, including the KRS Dam. All his work stands strong even today.

The theme for the this year’s Engineers Day is: “Appropriate Climate-Responsive Technologies For Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development”, which according to Institute of Engineers – India, means that engineers can play a vital role in this challenging scenario of sustaining inclusive growth without compromising with the process of sustainable development by establishing the concept of “Land to Lab and Lab to Land” in true sense.


TAFE Madurai Plant Receives Environmental Green Award

TAFE has always prioritized its concern for the environment, and keeping in line with this, the MDU plant bagged the ‘Environmental Green Award’ from Tamil Nadu Government this Tuesday, September 11th 2012, in appreciation of their initiatives and commitment to protect the environment by adopting new technologies not only in the process section but in the treatment section as well.

The award also recognized TAFE’s efforts in taking action to reuse treated trade effluent in the process, providing rainwater harvesting, and complying with the rules and regulations made by the various environmental agencies.

The MDU Plant was one of the 12 plants to bag this award amongst more than 200 plants that were shortlisted by TNPCB, all over the state.

Cheers to TAFE for its eco-friendly ways of operation! .