Free falling 123 feet above Chennai

On a hot Saturday afternoon, the first ever “Festival of Speed” was organized in India by Bajaj Pulsar at the Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT) in Irrungattukotai. True to its name, 36 of the best riders from across the country were brought in to race. The bike of choice was the Pulsar RS200.

It was an ambitious title to live up to and the festival did not disappoint. The visitors were treated to, an awe inspiring performance of bike stunts by India’s best stunt team – Ghost Riders, a concert by Benny Dayal, who fused beats from Northern and Southern India for a lively mashup and adrenaline junkies got an opportunity to try something rarely seen in this part of the country, Bungee Jumping!

The Bungee Jumping – Falling freely platform was setup at a whooping 123 feet above ground, giving the participant a birds-eye view of the area and riders racing on the track. Mohit Thakur, part of the PD&E team from TAFE R&D, took this opportunity to register for the jump. His excitement engulfed his initial nervousness when the bucket was raised to its maximum height with the help of a crane.

At maximum height with a breath taking view of the sky, the ground and the tiny bikes racing across the track, Mohit felt a sense of calm. And when the moment came he raised his hands, and took the leap. The ground rushing towards him, falling head first with nothing to hold onto, it was a moment he would cherish for long; his first free fall. It was half way through the fall that he felt the chord grip and he regained his composure as he bounced a couple of times before it ended.

An adrenaline fuelled moment, a memory for life; a small leap of courage, a big jump in Mohit’s happiness.


TAFE tractor rally adds to Sri Lanka’s scenic landscape

In a marketing event to showcase the TAFE brand of tractors in Sri Lanka, a tractor rally was held by TAFE’s associates. Traversing the scenic country-side, the tractors added to the beauty of the landscape with its sublime combination of beauty and power. Attracting eyeballs everywhere it went, these TAFE tractors are proud ambassadors of TAFE’s Cultivating the World philosophy!

Kudos to the team for bringing the orange TAFE tide to Sri Lanka.