TAFE Bags TPM Excellence Award

The Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) movement at TAFE was recognised by JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance) for TPM Excellence in Category A for the year 2011, certainly a commendable achievement by the TPM Team and yet another landmark for TAFE, in its pursuit of excellence.

The TPM journey began at TAFE Sembiam Plant in May 2007 and the TPM kick off took place in April 2008. Our efforts during the TPM journey had been made enjoyable with the introduction of new tools for management in line with the JIPM TPM framework. This helped us deliver superior quality at low cost, cut down probability of complaints, reduce manufacturing lead time and new product development  time, make our people more conscious about safety and to create a safe and pollution free work environment; and definitely enhanced the knowledge and skills of our production and maintenance team.

Once again, congratulations to the entire TPM Team for this prestigious recognition!


Applications of Farm Tractors

Farm tractor designs and styles differ greatly. Tractors are often used on a daily basis for the several agricultural and non agricultural tasks by attaching or operating the light, medium to heavy implements, equipments and machineries according to the requirement and HP of tractors. Tractors are very versatile, it can be used from sandy (light textured), loamy (medium textured) to clayey (heavy textured) soil at different topography and agro climatic conditions. Earlier the proportion of tractor usage in agricultural and non-agricultural work was 70:30. This proportion has increased to about 55: 45 over the past two to three years. It is expected to reach 50:50 in (agricultural: non-agricultural applications) in the coming years. The major application of farm tractors for agricultural and non agricultural sectors are given below:

Agricultural sector

• Preparing the field by attaching different implements, equipments and machinery for tilling, disking, harrowing, leveling and forming of beds, bunds, furrow & ridges (Fig1)

• Puddling of rice field by attaching puddling implements, equipments & machinery (Fig 2)

• Digging of pits by attaching post hole digger to plant saplings and erect the poles (Fig 3)

• Sowing, planting and transplanting of crops by attaching different types of seed drills, planters and seedling transplanters (Fig 4)

• Application of organic manure in line or rows by attaching a trailer and organic manure applicator

• Broadcasting, side dressing and foliar spraying of inorganic fertilizers by attaching the fertilizer broad caster, ferti-drills and sprayers (Fig 5)

• Intercultural operation in wide spaced standing crop by attaching different types of implements (Fig 6)

• Spraying of pesticides in field crops and tress by operating different types of sprayers (Fig 7)

• Pumping the ground, canal, river, open well, pond or stored water by operating pumps (Fig 8)

• Harvesting of crops by attaching different reapers, harvesting machines and tractor power driven combine harvester (Fig 9)

• Pruning of trees by attaching hydraulic operated pruning tools (Fig 10)

• Harvesting of fruits by attaching hydraulic operated elevators and plucking tools (Fig 11)

• Crushing of sugarcane by operating sugarcane crusher. (Fig 12)

• Threshing of crops by operating threshers (Fig 13)

• Winnowing of crops by operating winnowers (Fig 14)

• Hauling of water tanker to irrigate perennial trees and nursery (Fig 15)

• Hauling of farm inputs and produce (Fig 16)

• Transportation of farm workers

• Precision farming by installing the GPS (Global Positioning System) technology in tractor to navigate the farm equipment for sowing, planting, intercultural operation, spraying pesticides and herbicides, applying fertilizers and harvesting accurately (Fig 17)

• Mowing & rolling the lawns & golf courses by attaching the mowers and rollers (Fig 18)

• Cutting weeds by attaching weed slashers

Non-agricultural sector

• Developing and leveling of roads, building sites, dams etc by attaching dozer blade, bucket, hoe and laser guided leveler (Fig 19)

• Hauling of road and building and construction materials (Fig 20)

• Powering of building and road construction equipments

• Using for defense & airport applications to tow baggage

• Removing the snow by attaching snow blower and grader (Fig 21)

• Breaking of rock with tractor mounted pneumatic compressors (Fig 22)

• Generating electricity by operating the alternator/generator (Fig 23)

Tractors today accept a wider variety of attachments than ever before, making them increasingly more versatile. Each year, manufacturers offer more new and innovative improvements to their models. There is a still large untapped potential to explore. It is estimated that the industry sale (including exports) to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7-9 per cent in volume terms and reach a size of 6.4 lakh units by 2014-15. Domestic demand is projected to grow by 6-8 per cent by 2014-15 whereas exports are estimated to grow by 16-19 per cent.


TAL Launches New Showroom at Mettupalayam

TAFE Access Limited (TAL) inaugurated new showroom for TATA Motors at mettupalayam, the inaugural session started with welcome address by P.S. Surendiran, GM, TAL, followed by inauguration of the showroom and a keynote address by K. Vijay Menon, Regional Manager (South-II) TATA Motors. The service facility was also launched in the presence of P. Shanmugasundaram, Regional Manager, Customer support (South-II) TATA Motors, followed by the vote of thanks delivered R. Ramamoorthy, Head – Projects. The ceremony concluded with the handing over of car keys of new TATA Nano cars to the customers.


TAFE J Farm Honor Progressive Farmers at the 7th Farmer s Day at Ongole

– Spearheaded Raithu Dinotsavam to strengthen role of agriculture in India –

TAFE successfully conducted ‘Farmer’s Day’ in Ongole on Feb 25, 2012, aimed at reaching out to the farming community and enabling them get the best out of their farms through direct interactions with various agri-experts all at one platform.

Farmer’s Day is one of the unique outreach initiatives undertaken by J Farm and an outstanding example of Corporate Social Responsibility by TAFE. The thrust of this event was on farming & pest management practices and farm mechanization for improving production of pulses, cotton and rice. The event saw participation of over 300 farmers from Ongole and neighborhood areas.

The eminent speakers at Farmer’s Day at Ongole included Dr. Bhaskar Rao, Associate Dean of College of Agricultural Engineering; B. Ramesh, State Head, Tractor Loan, HDFC Bank; and Mr. SK. Allu Bakshu, RTO, Ongole. The sessions at the one-day event were complemented by demonstrations and displays of the latest techniques and scientific practices in farming and related areas like seed bed preparation, introduction to hybrid varieties of seeds, methods for efficient irrigation, agri-credit, crop protection, harvesting, storage and other farm related practices. Experts from State Department of Agriculture and other agricultural universities shared their expertise based on the specific crop cultivation pattern of the area.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. SS Nagarajan, Vice President (Agri Research) of TAFE said- “Through this Farmer’s Day event, we would like to encourage farmers to accelerate the pace of agricultural development in fulfilling the national task of achieving self reliance in food production. Through consecutive successful Farmer’s Day events organized in the past, J Farm has been able to considerably enhance the content and knowledge takeways for this Ongole event. “Our mission at J Farm is to lead farming communities at the local and national levels towards sustainable, organic stewardship of land, food and fiber while respecting nature, upholding social justice and protecting natural resources.”

Officials from financial institutions and government bodies also shared information on agricultural loans, subsidies and policies available to farmers and provided clarifications for their queries and concerns. Progressive farmers of the area were recognized and honored and encouraged to share best practices with the rest of the farming community. The first Farmer’s Day event was held in Madurai, at TAFE’s Kalladipatti plant in May 2006. The practice has been observed every year since then and is celebrated across varied geographies and cultural mixes in India.


TAFE HRD Organizes Graduation Day

A Graduation Day celebration for Diploma Engineer Trainees was organized on January 10, 2012 at TAFE Product Training Centre. They are essentially trained in the customer support function of TAFE & TMTL

32 trainees were trained in PTC on product ranging from 63 days – 45 days. They were trained in Service Process by the TVS training institute for 20 days and in Service aspects like Warranty Management, Parts, Customer Focus Group / Quality for 15 days.

SEVA is an annual event organized at TAFE’s Product Training Center to recognize Diploma Engineering Trainees of TAFE & TMTL. They are grouped into teams with the names Mahaan, Challenger, Mahashakti, Gajraj (TAFE) and Varun, Bengal Tiger (TMTL). The graduation day event commenced with the TAFE Anthem, followed by the lighting of the lamp by SS Nagarajan, VP – Agri Research, PC Dash, AVP – Service, SK Gupta, Senior DGM – Training and Diploma Engineering Trainees from TAFE & TMTL.

PC Dash, AVP – Service was the Chief Guest. SS Nagarajan, VP – Agri Research, K Srinivasan, Agri Scientist (J Farm), Bhukhari (Mentor Trainer), Zulfeqar Ali and Murugesan (TVS Training Institute), SK Gupta (Senior DGM PTC) , Venkatesh K (Service) , Jayaram Iyer, Regional Manager – Sales TMTL, Murali, Regional Manager – Service TMTL, Meenakshisundram, PTC Instructor, Sanjay Kumar, Head – HR and members of the HR Team also attended the event.

‘The Best Performance Award’ was presented to trainees from TAFE & TMTL and was awarded to ‘Mahan’ in TAFE and ‘Varun’ in TMTL. It was followed by a cultural performance by the trainees, Hindi songs by TMTL teams and a short Hindi play “Goverdan ki Ajab Gazab Kahani”, on service theme – Door Step Installation.


Parts Emphasizes on Total Warehouse Management

A training program on ‘Receipt and Storage of Parts’ for the supervisors of Receiving Area of spare parts warehouse, C & F was conducted by TAFE Parts Department in January. The program was led by A. Guruparan, Senior Executive (Parts).

The program was inaugurated by V. N. Prabhakar Rao, Senior Manager, Parts and was attended by various Parts warehouse personnel. Though a small event, the training program generated tremendous interest and was attended by over 20 people.

The sessions aimed to educate personnel about effective operations of a warehouse and the steps and process to be followed in receiving operations. Initiated as a part of continuous improvement in Warehouse Operation, the organizers are positive that this training session will help increase productivity by increasing efficiency and also ensuring error free supplies.