COMMit – A CorpComm COMMit-ment

We, at TAFE Corporate Communications, have launched a new single window contact on TAFE Channel, called COMMit!

COMMit will serve as a one stop portal for other departments to get in touch with us and place requests.

Since the corporate communications department is the custodian of the corporate brand, our work is concerned with all internal and external stakeholders. We handle a number of assignments, and hence, COMMit gives us a very systematic approach to work.

It will improve exchange and flow of information from the Corporate Communications to other Departments, and vice versa. Also, it will increase efficiency of communication, and also save time.

Through COMMit, a system of uniform and consistent communication can be established, as the Corp Comm communications follow the Corporate Identity Program.

We would sincerely like to thank the E-Comm team: P R Kannan, K Gopalakrishnan, P Hemanand, M Dinesh, K M Nisha for putting our ideas into execution.

We kindly request all departments to place their requests and requirements to Corporate Communications via COMMit.

It’s a CorpComm COMMit-ment!

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