Cost Saving 3M Awards 2014-15 R&D-Testing

The ongoing Quality Month celebrations at TAFE keep getting better as another Cost Saving 3M Award was presented. The recipients of these awards are from various departments and divisions of TAFE and it is proof of the executional excellence everyone at TAFE is striving for. In short, everyone is doing their bit in ‘Cultivating the World’.

A TQM’s eCIMP intiative, the Cost Saving 3M Awards for 2014-15 are presented to ideas that have had a telling impact at TAFE. Recently, Mr. P. Prabhu of R&D-Testing, was presented the 3M Cost Saving Award for his contribution in “Automation of IPTO clutch endurance test”. His suggestion has helped the R&D team in testing of clutch systems.

We congratulate him on this wonderful contribution and wish him the very best to succeed going forward!

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