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COVID-19 | Social Distancing and Isolation – The New Normal


Yes, we are in the midst of a Pandemic, one of the most difficult times we have ever witnessed! The world is struggling, and India is reeling under the impact of a lockdown. Our lives seems to be revolving around battling Corona, Work From Home. Virtual Teams, Con Calls, Zoom, Webex, Facebook, Instagram, TV News, Movies and the list is endless.

Internet is the most precious thing in the world, but only next to groceries, food and vegetables. Your mood and happiness index depends on the speed of the internet, everything else has faded in the background.

‘Work from Home’ has resulted in most of us managing work and home-work and guess no one has been spared from cleaning, doing dishes, laundry. For that matter, we finally seem to have the time to take care of elders and spend time with our spouses and children like never before. Time to be guilt-free! Many of us may feel ‘Work from Home’ was a myth, and do look forward to getting back to the real office, retrieving long-lost files from your documents folder, attending face to face meetings and noisy discussions; but I guess what we miss the most is the people connect and the camaraderie we shared.

Welcome to the club!  Empathy rules the world and finally, we are all on the same page.

TAFE as a people’s organization during this crisis has stood by its values and demonstrated through its actions how much it values its employees and its stakeholders. Employee safety was the topmost priority on the list and you can tell by the methodical manner the plants were shut down and the way our salaries were paid ahead of time that ‘People Matter’ to TAFE. Every action was laced with care and concern and this stood out like a shining beacon of hope.

Our Management and Leadership are going beyond the call of duty to help the TAFE team tide over this crisis. It’s important now than ever before to stay connected as a team and walk together.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

Sunitha Subramaniyan
Head – Corporate Communications

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