Daily Thanthi American International School Students Visit J Farm

M. Paul Anderson, AGM – Marketing and S. Sivakumar from The Daily Thanthi, leading Tamil news daily visited J Farm on January 5, 2012. They visited the Implement Park and vegetable fields and recorded their views in the visitor’s book maintained by J Farm, which read, “A great visionary, S. S. Nagarajan, a pioneer in paddy crop, in whom I could see the reflection of a great personality like M. S. Swaminathan”. Mr. S. S. Nagarajan, is the Vice President – Agricultural Research at J Farm.

Also, students from the American International School, Chennai, along with their faculty member Lakshmi Vijayaraghavan, visited J Farm on February 6, 2012. Expressing her views in the visitor’s book, Lakshmi wrote, “It was a very productive trip. As a teacher, I felt my students got a real life experience in a fun way. It was a memorable visit for us and was highly informative. We always thought technology in agriculture was limited to developed countries, but it was a pleasant realization to know that everything is here, in India too.”

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