Farmers witness MF Tech Zone and Multi-Implement Demo at TAFE Madurai Plant

A group of farmers were invited for an MF Experience at TAFE’s Madurai Plant, recently. During the first half of the day, the farmers were taken on a factory tour where they got to witness the quality process and the end to end manufacturing processes. This was followed by a classroom session, explaining TAFE’s history, legacy, international footprint, and milestones. A free medical checkup camp was organized for the farmers. They also had a photo opportunity with Massey Ferguson tractors.

Following these sessions, the farmers were taken into the MF Tech Zone, a combination of stalls where the latest technology unique to Massey tractors were showcased using demo kits and prototypes. After this session, the farmers witnessed a demonstration of all models of tractors with different implements followed by a Multi-Trolley Demo. The farmers were also given an opportunity to test-drive our products in the field, following which some of the farmers booked the tractors on the spot.

TAFE’s CEO Mr. Sandeep Sinha interacted with the farmers and got to know about their experience visiting our factory. This experience was highly appreciated by the farmers as they got to witness the prowess of the superior range of Massey Ferguson tractors.

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