Honoring the brave hearts at TAFE

In the past few days, against the backdrop of the #ChennaiFloods, social media has been rife with stories of loss, of courage and of compassion. Numerous instances have been stated where ordinary citizens have risen to do extraordinary acts.

At TAFE we had such ‘Heroes’ amongst us, people who took upon themselves the task of helping those who needed it the most. These were acts of compassion from one human being to another, acts of ‘Individual Social Responsibility’ and TAFE in a small ceremony at its Head Office honored these employees who acted with great courage and are an inspiration to many, making this city a better place to live.

#TAFE also put together a care package for all those employees who were affected by the flood which was packed with all the basic necessities that a family would need to begin the process of rebuilding. It is a promise that TAFE takes care of every member of its family.

Attended by TAFE Chairman and CEO, Ms. Mallika Srinivasan, members of the senior management and employees from across TAFE’s #Chennai locations, it truly was an inspiring initiative.

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