Lady Farmer Nilma V Shah Visits Product Training Center

A lady farmer, Nilma V Shah, visited TAFE’s Product Training Center (PTC) at JFarm on 20th March and spent the whole day learning about implements, tractor operations and maintenance. Senior Deputy General Manager – PTC, Mr. S K Gupta, and Manager – PTC, Mr. S Meenakshisundaram, walked Nilma through the history of TAFE and the kind of training undertaken there.

On the whole, Nilma had a very fruitful experience, and this is what she had to say about her experience at our PTC!

“Mr. S K Gupta and Mr. S Meenakshisundaram gave us a lovely and very informative walk through of TAFE and its phenomenal history and the training undertaken here. I feel very lucky to be here today and am fully motivated to take up cultivation here in Chennai. A chance to drive a tractor was a very lovely experience. I thank the staff here and Mr. Gupta and Mr. Sundaram for their time and cooperation. I will visit again.”

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