TAFE Genuine Parts Now in a New Avatar

Ensuring our customers have access to the best TAFE Parts is our mission and we believe that constant product improvement will help us achieve this goal. Our field staff have constantly and continuously recommended branding of TAFE parts to prevent duplication and production of spurious parts in the market. An assurance from our side would positively enhance the product value.

Incorporating the TAFE Logo, Monogram and part number on the product would certify the authenticity and genuineness the product.

We have a wide product range of gears, oil seals and, rubber products and had to chose a single product to start with; we picked the oil seal. We collaborated with Fenner India and after a year and a lot of brain storming we identified the right machine for Laser printing on the oil seal.

Mr. Bhat, Associate Vice President of Parts Department inaugurated operations on the new oil seal printing machine on Monday of Nov 2011, in the presence of Mr. Ravishankar, the Marketing Head of Fenner and Mr. Edward Balasingh, the Plant Head. It was an enriching and fulfilling moment to see the products roll out of the machine with our Logo, Monogram and our part number.

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