TAFE participant wins MMA’s Outstanding Woman Manager of the Year 2016

Congratulations to TAFE’s Ms. Nishanthi Grashia S. from the IT Division, for winning the 15th Danfoss – Madras Management Association (MMA) Competition for Outstanding Woman Manager of the Year Award – 2016!

The competition is conducted as a prelude to MMA Women Managers Convention 2016. In this, women managers are invited to present papers on the theme of the convention. The papers and presentations are judged by a panel of eminent jury members, and the winner is awarded the ‘Outstanding Woman Manager of the Year’ award at the Women Managers Convention. This year, the theme was ‘Route to the Summit’, and the oral presentation before the jury was held on March 05th, 2016 in Chennai. A total of 40 registrations participated in the competition.

This is the third consecutive year that Ms. Nishanthi participated in the competition. Her paper was titled ‘Play Your Cards Right – Reach the Summit’. The keys points addressed were:

  • Though everyone aspires to become a leader, why do only a select few achieve the race for leadership?
  • Aspiring leaders need to clear the decks for a marriage between ‘What it takes to be’ a leader and ‘What they have’ as a leader. The more perfect the match is, the more likely that they will beat the odds to reach the summit. This perfection however also bets the bottom dollar on the summit itself, external environment, timing and the aspirant’s current altitude in career ladder.
  • A leader without a follower is like a king without a kingdom. Leaders need to ensure that they have followers in order to sustain at the top.

A trophy and a certificate for Danfoss – MMA ‘Outstanding Woman Manager of the Year 2016’ will be awarded at the Women Managers Convention, on March 12th, 2016 in Chennai.

Madras Management Association organizes diverse activities to champion managerial excellence among women managers. Every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated by conducting MMA Women Managers’ Convention, where eminent women managers, thought leaders and entrepreneurs of national and international repute share their ideas and experiences.

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