• TAFE's exceptional service in Odisha makes customer, a fan for life

  • The MF 9500 tractor from TAFE with the Post Hole Digger

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TAFE goes the distance with its service

TAFE provides exceptional service to customer in Odisha

TAFE’s customers are empowered to avail after-sales support and spare-part requirements at their desired location, pan-India notwithstanding any of the remote clusters. Through TAFE’s extensive service network, we extend our expertise towards servicing and maintenance of tractors and equipment, with the aim of providing extended and reliable performance. This is the mark of a company that has for over five decades strived to transform the lives of the farming community, with its products as well as its service.

Here’s one such story that delivers on this promise and more…

Kamal Ekka, a proud owner of an MF 9500 purchased from Jashpur, Odisha recently migrated to Sambalpur, Odisha approximately 260 km away for work. He largely used the Post Hole Digger implement with his MF 9500 tractor. Sometime last month, Kamal faced an issue with his tractor as it was due for service. Unfortunately for him, Sambalpur doesn’t have an authorized TAFE dealer.

Having tried other avenues unsuccessfully to sort out his predicament, Kamal approaches the local TAFE Customer Support representative for help. Without any delay, the very next day, a TAFE mechanic is deputed from Sarapali around 140 km from Sambalpur, to service Kamal’s tractor.

Not only was Kamal Ekka fully satisfied with the service, but so overwhelmed was he with the timely and crucial intervention by TAFE’s representatives that he has promised that his next tractor would most definitely be a Massey Ferguson tractor by TAFE (click image below).

Congratulations to the Customer Support team in Odisha for ‘Cultivating the World’ with their dedication and going the extra mile to delight the customer.

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