TAFE partners with CII as the event sponsor for CII Agri Tech South 2018 held in Telangana
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TAFE to improve farm productivity and mechanization in Telangana

TAFE – Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, India’s second largest tractor manufacturer partnered with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) as the event sponsor for CII Agri Tech South 2018 held at Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU) from February 9-11, 2018. TAFE, with its expertise in agriculture, aims to help farmers in Telangana increase farm productivity and farm output through farmer training, integrated farming practices, and popularizing cost effective soil and water management initiatives, and reducing cost of farm inputs through appropriate mechanization solutions.

Incorporated in 1960, TAFE has been at the forefront of agri-mechanization in India. Established with the aim to alleviate Indian farmers from subsistence to profitability, it has been TAFE’s corporate philosophy to go beyond the sale of products and add value to customers’lives by empowering them to become a vibrant, self-sustaining, and prosperous agri-community.

Mr. T. R. Kesavan, President & COO – Product Strategy & Corporate Relations, TAFE said, “TAFE’s mission is to empower farmers to build a sustainable livelihood by helping them become self-sufficient by increasing farm productivity. TAFE hopes to launch its ‘Farmer2Farmer’ initiative – a farmer community building initiative that encourages farmer-owned and operated services to promote farm mechanization among small and marginal, through a mobile app, to help farmers connect with each other, collaborate and network in improving farmer prosperity.”

He added that, “TAFE’s association with the farmers of Telangana stretches back to several decades and we strive to constantly improve their lives as they have placed their valuable trust in TAFE and its products. TAFE further hopes to strengthen its association with the Telangana government and improve agricultural productivity in the state”.

TAFE’s expertise goes beyond providing farm mechanization solutions with an established competency in providing integrated farm solutions via JFarm. JFarm was first established by TAFE in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in 1964 with an objective of improving the well-being of farmers by empowering them with advanced farm technologies to increase farm productivity and meet India’s growing food needs. TAFE’s Product Training Center trains farmers, dealer, dealer employees, mechanics and students in understanding and applying agriculture-mechanization at its best.

TAFE seeks to replicate the JFarm success story across India and is exploring opportunities of working with several states including Telengana to realize this objective.