• TMTL Engines launches Solar business

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TMTL Engines adds Solar energy to its portfolio

TMTL Engines launch its Solar business

The TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited (TMTL) Engines Division is an established brand with decades of expertise, resulting from years of hard work and perseverance. As the fastest growing brand in the segment, TMTL Engines has entered the Solar Energy market adding a brand new business line to its portfolio. Equipped with an elite team and the latest technology and designs, TMTL Engines is ready to make its mark in the solar power category and become a complete power solutions brand.

TAFE has always believed in encouraging and using sustainable resources, and considering solar power is the future for developing countries like India, this new business line of TMTL Engines is a step in the right direction. Recently, TMTL Engines held a solar conference giving its long standing partners a unique opportunity to gain insights into its journey towards a more sustainable world. Some of the projects already executed are, a 60 kWp grid connected system at Modern Institute of Technology & Research Centre – Alwar, 10 kWp for JFarm – Chennai and a 60 kWp grid connected system at Varanasi.

Some of the projects undertaken include:
– 500 kWp grid connected system at TMTL’s Alwar operation
– 400 kWp grid connected system at Cochin, Kerala
– 200 kWp for JFarm, Rajasthan
– 60 kWp for Pinnacle Generators, Hyderabad
– 50 kWp at Jaycee Punching Solutions, Faridabad

The government of India has set a target of achieving 175 GW by 2022, and with a rich experience in successful delivery of power projects in the genset category, TMTL Engines will surely leave its mark in the solar power category as well.

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