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TAFE showcasing India from the beginning

Recently we stumbled upon a small fragment of history from way back in 1952. Images that show an India just five years after independence at the Republic Day Cultural Pageant (January 26) in Delhi. As a young country, its focus was on ‘Youth and Progress’ and agriculture formed a big part of this which was reflected in the parade. The parade had installations like the; plough which was representative of its rural economy and, corn which was a call to grow more food. In addition to these, other tableaus from all over the country depicting its cultural diversity were also displayed.

From TAFE’s perspective this was monumental because of the fact that, at a time when a country is taking its initial steps, the Ferguson tractor was an integral part of it. And the Ferguson tractor brand goes on to become Massey Ferguson tractor, which incidentally was the first brand of tractors that TAFE manufactured and it is a partnership that has endured through the ages.

These images stand testimony to the role of agriculture in building the modern India as we know it today and by extension, TAFE’s role of ushering in farm mechanization. It has stayed true to its roots of serving the agricultural community and has gone onto become the ‘Pride of India and friend to farmers worldwide’.

With inputs from photodivision.gov.in

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