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TAFE wins accolades at the NCQC 2015

Call it emulating the people it caters to or the culture of excellence that courses through its veins, but Quality at TAFE is of paramount importance. It is constantly striving to improve the quality of everything it does, and to that end, TAFE regularly participates in various Quality based forums and events to test its mettle.

In a recently held National Convention on Quality Concepts, 2015 organized by the Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI), TAFE teams from Sembiam, Doddaballapur and Madurai plants participated with great verve. QCC and Allied teams representing companies from all over the country were present at the event.

TAFE’s participation included six teams from TAFE Sembiam, 10 teams from TAFE Doddaballapur and six teams from TAFE Madurai plant. The competition was fierce and all TAFE teams emerged victorious in the various events.

TAFE Sembiam
One QCC Team won the Par Excellence Award, 4 Teams won the Excellence Award and One team won the Distinguished Award.

TAFE Doddaballapur
Eight QCC Teams won the Par Excellence Award and two teams won the Excellence Award.

TAFE Madurai
Five teams won the Par Excellence Award and one team won the Excellence Award.

Congratulations to all the winners who have time and again proved their commitment to Quality.

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