TAFE’s focus on safety gets recognized by CII

The CII National Level Kaizen Competition 2015 held in New Delhi saw participation from TAFE teams in different categories. TAFE prides itself in always pushing the boundaries of its capabilities in keeping with global standards. Always up for a new challenge, teams at TAFE are always on the look-out to update and improve the way things are done.

A validation of the great work being done was a TAFE team from Sembiam comprising G. Saravanan, Customer Focus Group and D. Jayaprakash, R&D PD & E winning the First Prize in the Safety Category, under Large Industries at the Kaizen competition. In total, 1186 teams representing various companies from across the country, participated under various categories.

It was a proud moment as they received the award from Dr. S.S. Gupta, Sr. Development Officer, the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India, during the CII 8th National Cluster Summit.

Congratulations to all the teams that participated and their continued vigour in keeping TAFE on it course of ‘Cultivating the World’.

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