• India's 14th Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen on a MF tractor in an image from during his tenure as Gujarat's Chief Minister

  • India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on a MF tractor


The timeless Massey Ferguson tractors from TAFE appeal to all

Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE) has been at the forefront of farm mechanization in India for over five decades. Inspired by its philosophy of ‘Cultivating the world’, TAFE’s tractor brands – Massey Ferguson, Eicher and TAFE, are powering farms in more than 85 countries worldwide.

One of the most popular tractor brands in India, Massey Ferguson is synonymous with quality, wide product range offering relevant technology and durability.

These images of India’s Prime Ministers on Massey Ferguson tractors taken decades apart are a validation of the line about TAFE, ‘Pride of India. Friend to farmers worldwide.’

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