The last time i remember watching an Aamir Khan film at the theaters, that DID NOT receive a standing ovation at end credits…… i was just 11 years old!!

It was the unforgettable “Mela” that ruined the new millennium for our entire generation. (Aah those traumatic memories)

Of course , Taalash wasnt that bad, rather it wasnt bad at all. But if you are used to the  Raju Hirani/Om prakash mehra/Farhan akthar and Ashutosh brand of cinema and suddenly fed a sour dose of Vikram Bhatt, you are bound to be dissapointed.

The fact that Sahil Rizwan ( shyed away from making a stick figure out of the star cast says how ordinary the film was.

Although a wannabe intricate plot line with a cliched climax turned out half as clever as the trailers portrayed the film to be, the muscle and panache of  Aamir Khan made an ordinary film very watchable. He still can do it 🙂

Add to it the tailor made roles for Kareena and Rani who both pull it off with aplomb and vigour. Although they have had their share of the bizzare and the demented quite recently (Heroine & Aiyaa) , these performances would give them some leverage until they pick their next “what was i thinking??” film.

Menawhile, Reema and Zoya are fast becoming this unstoppable force in B’town since ZNMD and Talaash. Whether this film acts as a deterrent to their brand of cinema (Climax) or elevates them to higher grounds (other than the climax) lies in how long you decide to sit through this film.

But if 1 thing needs to be cherished from this insanely talented star cast, it would be Nawazzuddin Siddique. Someone who shall longer be an unknown in Hindi cinema. 

So there it is: watch it, if you are bored of the “Leave your brains behind” kinda cinema – yes, im talking to you guys — Ajay Devgan,Rohit Shetty,Akshay Kumar. But by the end of the film, you just may just regret that your brain had tagged along.