Evolution of Life

A mesmerizing word,

Which adds (+),

Which subtracts (-)

Which multiples (x)

And which divides (/)

Anything and everything in this world,

The word is called as “LOVE“.


Love makes you,

Love bakes you,

Love moulds you,

And love bolds

You and Me.


Love up to 5 is for mom,

Love up to 10 is for play,

Love up to 18 is for hormones,

Love up to 27 is for marriage,

Love up to 35 is for children,

Love up to 55 is for money,

Love after 55 is for peace,

Love for peace begins,

Where Life Ends.


The Mystic Mountains

Here are some snaps i took at Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, this past week. 

The pictures are an attempt to capture the placid, pure, foggy atmosphere that Kodai has at this time of the year. 

Skies were beautiful both at dawn and at dusk, and clouds beautifully glazed the peaks as temperatures dropped down. 


The Sony Xperia Miro

Sleek, slim, black and smooth. Introducing the recently launched Sony Xperia Miro, from the latest range of Sony Smartphones.

The phone is primarily black in colour, with optional bottom panel colour changes, as seen in the picture.

Equipped with the latest Android operating system – Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4, this smartphone provides a good, smooth flowing user interface. Also, the Google Play Store enables the user to downlaod the coolest free apps around. Ah, thank god for Android. 🙂

Priced at about Rs.13,000, the Miro is a very good mid-segment smartphone. In terms of music, it is powered with the Sony Walkman player. For visuals, the 3.5 inch TFT display is more than decent. 

Another good feature i can point out is the power saver option, which when chosen, switches off additional functions in order to prevent the battery from draining.

Coming to the camera, the Miro has a decent 5 megapixel camera that has a better performance outdoors than indoors. The video sensor is pretty decent for recording too. And another cool feature is the front camera, which enables easy video chat for skype and gtalk, etc. provided your service provider gives you decent mobile internet coverage.

Overall, the Xperia Miro is definitely worth its money, and serves, well, atleast my purpose! 🙂



The Mayans Were Indeed Right

It was like yesterday, we were all watching this epic encounter between the mighty Indians and South Africans. OMG, a long hit, Amla stops it for a four but he has already reached the mark. With tears and happiness filled within us, we were all boasting up high, SACHIN SACHIN SACHIN… The GOD of cricket rises his bat high as he marks an epic, unbeaten 200 runs. But today he has decided to give up his blue colours. Two days ago, when the Chepauk stadium opened its counter for selling the tickets for the upcoming India-Pakistan encounter in the legendary stadium where legends made history, a sad news did reach among all those people who have been dying to watch him in the city of Chennai. The date 23-12-2012 will never be forgotten by anyone. Be it an Indian fan, an English, an Aussie or anyone, this guy has made everyone crazy. The Mayans were indeed right in their prediction. We all gonna miss him a lot, Chepauk’s gonna miss him a lot and of course the game of cricket will miss him a lot.


TAFE DBR Shines at NCQC 2012

TAFE Dhodballapur seems to have the Midas touch!

Teams from DBR took  part in the National Convention on Quality Concept 2012  (Quality Circle Competition)  held at Kanpur from 18th Dec to 20 Dec 2012. This was conducted by Quality Circle Forum of India.

Six teams had taken part from DBR, among a total number of 846 teams across the nation.

The DBR teams were Peacock, Daffodils, Challenger, Rainbow,Spark & Tortoise. Out of these, four Teams won the first level  prize (Par Excellence), and the other two teams bagged the  second level prize (Excellence)

What a great way to end the year! Cheers to Dhodballapur once again 🙂 


Quality – A Tamil Poem

????” –  ?????

?????????? ???????????  ????????????? .   11.12.12 


????????  ????  ????????

??????  ???????  ????  ????????????

?????  ???? ??????????

????  ????  ???????????????

????  ????  ???????????????

????????????  ???????  ?????????

????????????  ???????  ?????????.



“Quality” is the heart-beat of the world.

It is our ability to embed it in our IT deliveries

‘Quality’ begins from our head in the way we think

It traverse through our hands

It is delivered to the customers through computer monitors

We are proud of our Quality in work

And that will stay in us forever.


Like to WIN the eCIMP Trophy for 3rd quarter for your Division

It is time to review our score and status on eCIMP. It is an opportunity to get the trophy for the third quarter. Please fill the gaps, if any. Your division can win the 3rd quarter trophy. All are encouraged to implement Suggestions and 3M for enhance the eCIMP score.

Hurry up! There are 2 weeks more to go!!


TAFE Badminton Tournament Ends with a Bang

Employees got into their sport mode as the TAFE Badminton Tournament unrolled itself in August 2012. The event was divided into two groups, namely AB and C, which had doubles teams. Apart from this, Singles matches were also held.

Participants reached the final stage of the tournament in November and final fixtures came to a close yesterday, on December 6, 2012.  

Group AB winners were Sivapriyan(SAP MDCC) and Mahenderaj (Executive Secretary) bagging the first place. The runner-up team  comprised of Vallavan(IT) and Sivakumar (Payroll).

Group C’s  first prize winners were Sanjay Santosh (Corporate Relations) and Gugan (IT),  while Rajesh and Kamalakannan both from IT claimed the runners up spot. 

Sivapriyan from MDCC also bagged the First Place in the Singles tournament, while Mahenderaj won the runners-up prize. 

Prizes were given away by Mr. S Ramakrishnan – CITO.

More pictures to follow!