Once in a Bloom Moon

Most of us till date were unaware of the largest flower in the world. Today in Tokyo, Japan the ‘Amorphophallus Titanum’ flower bloomed at the Jindai Botanical Garden after five years. It is the largest flower but in the category of unbranched inflorescence – a group or cluster of flowers arranged on a stem that is composed of a main branch or a complicated arrangement of branches. It grows upwards of six feet and this particular flower towers upto 6.5 feet.

It is also called the ‘corpse flower’ due to the rotten meat like odor it emits for the 48 hours that it blooms. This smell is a ploy to attract insect pollinators. A native to the rainforests of western Sumatara, Indonesia, it classified as a ‘vulnerable’ species. The swollen underground storage stem (tuber) of the flower can weigh more than 75kg. It is also known to reach about 10 feet high.


Peeling off banana facts

An insightful infographic about the production, import and export of Banana. They are regarded as the most consumable fruit all over the world. Incidentally, India tops the list as the largest producer of Bananas and 26 out of the 29 states here produce it.

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Validation of TAFE’s commitment to quality

In the recently conducted POKAYOKE Competition organised by ABK – AOTS in Chennai, TAFE stamped its mark with all participating teams winning an award. Four Teams from TAFE Sembiam – two teams from Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA), one each from Quality Assurance (QA) and Central Production Engineering Department (CPED), participated in the competition.

The competition saw overall participation from 82 teams representing 10 companies of which the top three teams were awarded the Diamond award. The TAFE – SQA team brought home the Diamond award and one team won the Platinum award while the other two teams won the Gold award.

Congratulations to the winners for this show of commitment to quality in our journey of, Cultivating the World.