A moment in history, tracked

An image that quite literally shows the journey of Massey Ferguson tractors. This image shows a train of Massey Ferguson tractors on their way to Southampton docks passing Coventry station during reconstruction having been loaded at Coventry goods yard on 3rd July 1961.




TAFE tractors empowering new regions

TAFE held its first customer outreach program at Kandahar, Afghanistan in association with HMK Ltd. About 150 participants consisting of farmers and university students from different parts of the nation attended the event and learnt an invaluable lesson in tractor management and usage of implements. The demos were given using TAFE tractors and the implements included Laser Leveller, Subsoiler and Rotary Tiller.

This is an example of the manifestation of TAFE’s philosophy of Cultivating the World.


Courtesy: Nadar Khpalwak


Celebrating the life of a visionary Mr A Sivasailam

Behind every success there is a force that drives it; TAFE owes its legacy to its people – Leaders who paved the way through the years and those who form TAFE. On August 24, 2015 we celebrate the life of one such leader who embedded quality into TAFE’s DNA and sculpting it into a values driven company, with the farmer at the heart of its strategy – TAFE’s Former Chairman, Mr. A. Sivasailam. On the occasion of his birth anniversary, the TAFE family came together to celebrate this visionary, pioneer, philanthropist and the people’s man. Connected digitally via webcast, all TAFE locations were able to join in the celebrations at the corporate office before having individual celebrations of their own.

The event was attended by TAFE Chairman and CEO, Ms. Mallika Srinivasan and members of the senior management. They spoke fondly of Mr. Sivasailam and remembered him for his vision, courage, foresight and bringing about the culture where quality became one of the foremost attributes TAFE as a brand aspired for. The celebrations concluded with floral tributes by everyone present.

A multitude of adjectives can be used to describe Mr. Sivasailam but one need not look beyond TAFE, a testament to the impact his vision has had on people’s lives. He was TAFE’s growth architect who enriched lives of many and empowered the dreams of farmers across the world. Mr. Sivasailam is a presence always guiding and leading us.

To view the images from the event on the TAFE Corporate Flickr stream, click here.


Be a FarmDost reaches 100 000 Likes

The ‘Be a #FarmDost’ initiative from TAFE has crossed yet another milestone. Touching 100,000 fans from across the world on Facebook – it is garnering appreciation and goodwill for the farmer. A steady start has been made, we have hit critical mass in our journey of ‘Cultivating the World’.

The #FarmDost activity conducted across schools in Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy was a success with children actively taking part in the ‘Best #FarmDost Student Award‘ and ‘#ThankYouFarmers Award‘. Do visit the ‘Be a #FarmDost’ Facebook page and encourage the participating students by ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ their entries. We also encourage you to post pictures of the patch of land that you are cultivating. Your pictures could encourage somebody to make a small start in growing something. We want people cultivate something in a small way to get a sense of what the farmer is doing in a big way!

We thank all those who have supported us till this point and implore more people to join us and recognize the ‘invisible hero’ – the farmer.


International Youth Day 2015

This International Youth Day, we dedicate to our young fans,
the ones with the wind in their wings,
the game changers,
the ushers of tomorrow,
the future cultivators and providers,
the assurance of the world.