A red letter day for TRL Chennai

TAFE’s vehicle franchisee subsidiary, TAFE Reach Limited (TRL), Chennai was awarded by TATA Motors for being the No. 1 Dealer in Sales Target Achievement for 2014-15. Celebrating this achievement, the TRL Chennai team organized a small get-together to recognize and reward the contributions of all the members whose hard work and dedication made this achievement possible. Mr. T. R. Kesavan – Chief Operating Officer (COO), Product Strategy and Corporate Relations, TAFE and TAFE Vehicle Franchise Division (VFD) COO, Mr. Raja T S were present at the ceremony to felicitate, encourage and inspire everyone.

The winners included:

  • Mr. A. John Peter
  • Mr. S. Archemedis
  • Ms. M. Jayalakshmi
  • Ms. R. Hanu Priya
  • Mr. S. Thamim Mohideen
  • Mr. G. Nallasivam
  • Ms. L. Gomathy
  • Mr. M. Sarvanan
  • Mr. D. Naresh Kumar
  • Mr. K. Lakshmipathy
  • Mr. S. Ganapathy Sundaram
  • Mr. R. Swaminathan
  • Mr. C. Gopal
  • Mr. D. Magesh
  • Mr. A. Shyam
  • Mr. N. Hariharan
  • Mr. R. Purushothaman
  • Ms. P. Vijaya Kumari
  • Mr. V. Vinoth
  • Ms. S. Banumathi
  • Mr. C. Thangarasu
  • Ms. S. Maria

TAFE prevails at Kaizen Competition in Chennai

Teams from TAFE Sembiam and Madurai recently participated in the Kaizen Competition organised by ABK – AOTS Dosokai in Chennai. The event saw participation from over 90 teams from about 15 companies from all over Tamil Nadu. From TAFE, six teams participated, three from TAFE Sembiam and TAFE Madurai each.

All of the six teams won an award each, which included:

Platinum Award:
Maintenance team(Madurai)

ABU team (Chennai)
Quality, CFG  team (Chennai)

Gold Award:
SQA team (Chennai)
PED team (Madurai)

Silver Award:
Materials team (Madurai)

Kaizen – a sino-japanese word, stands for continuous improvement. In the context of a company, kaizen refers to activities that continually improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers.

Congratulations to all the teams on winning the award and personifying TAFE’s philosophy of Cultivating the World.


Happy at TAFE

Someone once said, “It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” TAFE’s Corporate Communication Department in an attempt to test this theory made a small video titled “Happy at TAFE”. They spoke to TAFE employees across Chennai and asked them, “What makes you happy at TAFE?” The answers ranged from food to the wonderful colleagues to opportunities to transparency within functions. Click the link below and find out, what makes the people at TAFE tick!

Video link:
External users:
Internal users:


TAFE s Annual Sales Conference 2015 16

Recently, Delhi witnessed the spectacle that TAFE’s Annual Sales Conference is. An event organized by TAFE’s Sales and Marketing team, it is a showcase of our products and capabilities. Attended by TAFE’s leadership group, Ms. Mallika Srinivasan – Chairman and CEO, Mr. R. C. Banka – Executive Director and Deputy CEO, Mr. G. Hari – President and COO, Mr. S. Chandramohan – Group CFO, Ms. Shobhana Ravi – CITILO, Mr. Muthukumar Thanu – Group CHRO, Mr. John Edwin, Sr. VP & CO – Manufacturing Excellence and Supply Chain, Mr. Ravindra Gupta, Vice President – Network Strategy and Allied Businesses Development, Mr. R. Murali Krishnan, Vice President – Product Management Group, Mr. Anand Santhanam, Vice President – National Sales and Business Development, Mr. P. K. Aggarwal, Vice President – Corporate Quality and Mr. A. L. Kumarappan, Associate Vice President – Sales and Business Development; this event was the platform where the way forward was chalked out and the goals were set. Held over two days and attended by around 350 participants from across India, the conference broke new ground in terms of presentation and showcasing the products, including the Massey Ferguson range of tractors and implements.

The theme of the conference was inspired by warriors from Indian scriptures and epics. Everyone present looked dapper in the team uniform. At the event itself, the Senior Management Group addressed everyone present, followed by a Qustions & Answers session. Awards were given out to exceptional performances during FY ’14 by teams and individuals. The event concluded with a parade of Massey Ferguson tractors fitted with new implements and applications, emphasising the compatibility of Massey Ferguson tractors for advanced farm machinization. These implements also included TAFE’s AgriStar brand. A special presentation informed all the participants about the equipment, the tractor and the functionality and advantages of the respective implements.

The Annual Sales Conference was not merely all business, as it also provided the opportunity for all the participants to unwind. Participants were given the chance to showcase their talents to everyone present and have a good time. Participants met their counterparts from across the country during this time and forged stronger bonds of friendship.

We wish the Sales and Marketing team the very best in their journey of Cultivating the World.


Ooty – A haven in the Nilgiris

Ooty – nestled in the Nilgiris is a historically famous hill station town known for its natural beauty. A much loved getaway from the British era, Ooty provides a much needed respite even today to the people of Tamil Nadu. Here are a set of pictures captured in Ooty giving us a glimpse into its different moods.


TAFE’s vehicle franchise division ahead of the curve

TAFE’s vehicle franchise subsidiaries, TAFE Reach Limited (TRL) and TAFE Access Limited (TAL) establish themselves in a league of their own.

TAFE Reach, Chennai bagged the award from TATA Motors for being the No. 1 Dealer in Sales Target Achievement. TAFE Vehicle Franchise Department (VFD) Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr. Raja T S received the award from Mr. Cyrus Mistry – Chairman, TATA Group along with Mr. Mayank Pareek, President – TATA Motors PCBU.

TAFE Access, Bengaluru has been awarded among the Best Performing Top 10 Dealers Pan India by Skoda Auto India Ltd. The award was received by TAFE VFD COO, Mr. Raja T S from Mr. Sudhir Rao – Managing Director, Skoda Auto India.


TAFE – 65th Square

The game of chess exemplifies modern day business. An insightful strategy combined with intelligent counters and a series of moves to achieve a grand vision.

Sometimes it’s not all about winning! It’s about winning with your teams, associates, and stakeholders that makes the difference. A contradiction to the game of chess indeed.

Yet, beyond the black and the white, and the boundaries of the 64 squares, a broader landscape unravels. A larger perspective and a new dimension – the 65th Square; a place where we play the game differently; a place alive with exciting opportunities, above and beyond the tried and tested, the standard and conventional that which explains the purpose of our business.

TAFE’s quest for excellence defines our lives and extends to the world around us. Discover how for over five decades, the 65th square has inspired TAFE in its journey of ‘Cultivating the World’. Do check out TAFE’s new Corporate Brochure ‘The 65th Square’ by clicking the link: Tafe Square