Allahabad Safeda Guava

This article “Allahabad Safeda Guava”  – ‘Poor man’s apple contains rich vitamins’ was written by Mr. S.S. Nagarajan, Vice President (Agri Research), TAFE in Kisan World, December 2013 – All over India Agri. Journal in English.  This magazine is purely meant for agriculture and rural upliftment.

This article was submitted by S. Vanangamudi, TAFE, Corporate Office.

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Service Dealer Meet by TMTL Engine Division at Jaipur

There is no greater way for a brand to be promoted and recommended, than through a satisfied happy customer! And every company’s key to achieving this, is through high standards of customer service.

On the same lines, our Power Generation Sales and Service team organised a Service Interactive Meet at Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our service dealer team, technicians, and service staff were briefed about the USP’s of our products, so as to understand the customer’s perspective.  

The special part of the event was the distribution of mementos to our top dealerships, who were aptly given ‘Customer Champions’ awards.


Meeting the Legend – Ghulam Ali

Last month I got an opportunity to attend a live concert of Mr. Ghulam Ali, who is considered as one of the best ghazal singers of his era. He is known for his unique style of singing where he adds variations and blends Hindustani Classical Music with the Ghazal gayaki.

The Concert was organized in New Delhi at The Siri Fort Auditorium. I had a great time listening to this legend, who left us spellbound with his emotive voice. His live music took us into a different world altogether.

What an experience!


Customer Meet at Guwahati by TMTL Engine Division

TMTL Engine Division’s Power Generation Team organized the first ever Customer Meet in the Guwahati market center for service and sales earlier this month.

A huge group of customers majorly comprising of the builders, one of the most popular segment in the region, participated in the meet. All were guided about the service related updations. The event saw an overwhelming response from the customers on product function and reliability. Also, the meet helped connect the customers to the TMTL family.


Sales Conventional Meet at Karnal Haryana by TMTL Engine Division

TMTL’s Power Generation team organized a Sales Conventional Meet at  Karnal,Haryana in association with the OEA – Shine Metal Udyog Limited and our dealer V R Power Tech.

All the leading rental parties, freelancers and retailers were invited and introduced to our product and its features.

It was very heartwarming to see one of our existing customers, Mr Hardeep Singh, talk with pride about TMTL powered DG sets and their benificial features. 


Mr S S Nagarajan Shares His Wisdom on Kisan World and Dinamalar

Our very own Mr. S S Nagarajan, Vice President (Agri.Research), TAFE, has written two insightful articles on Kisan World magazine and Dinamalar, Madurai respectively, for the November issue.

1.  Try Paddy cultivation – Success often comes to those who dare and act

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

2.   Maduraiyil Vivasayigal Mahilchi.

Many thanks to  S. Vanangamudi, TAFE, Corporate Office for sending us these articles.