TAFE tractor ambulance drives jumbo to safety!
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TAFE Tractor ambulance drives jumbo to safety!

What does an elephant and a TAFE tractor have in common? Other than the power and rugged structure there’s not much of a connection you can make. Here’s a unique story from Sri Lanka of a ailing baby elephant that was unable to join its herd, and a TAFE tractor helped it get medical assistance. Continue reading to know more about this heart-warming story.

The vets and rescue team spotted a baby elephant that was sick and unable to join its herd. Attempts were made to help it move, but in vain. Then the rescue team decided to transport the animal to an elephant orphanage where it could be treated. But moving the baby elephant was no easy task.  And they quickly accomplished the task of transporting the elephant to safety with the help of a TAFE tractor.

They hitched a detachable trolley to the tractor and converted it into a makeshift ambulance!

After several attempts at pulling and pushing the elephant onto the trolley, the vets and rescue team finally managed to onboard the elephant. The uphill climb seemed daunting, but the TAFE 45 DI tractor proved its reliability and power in this time of need and successfully made it to the top with the jumbo seated comfortable on the trolley. They even crossed a small river in the midst where they poured water on the laying elephant and continued on their journey.

The baby elephant was then rushed to a medical facility where the vets treated the wounds and administered drips once again while moving it to the elephant orphanage in an other vehicle.

TAFE’s tractors are renowned world over for their remarkable capability on and off the field, but this one is very special. Nurturing has always been a way of life at TAFE, whether it is helping people and farmers all over the world prosper, or coming to the rescue in the hour of need, regardless of nature of the job. Yet another heart-warming story in our journey of #Cultivating Lives, Happiness and #CultivatingTheWorld.

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The participating school students at the Tractor Design Competition
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TAFE’s R&D – Cultivating the World beyond

Research and Development (R&D) departments are in essence dynamic, constantly looking out for new, advanced, and efficient ways to do things. This holds true especially for the people at Tractors and Farm Equipment’s (TAFE) R&D department who are not only responsible for engineering excellence into TAFE’s products, but are ‘Cultivating the World’ with their knowledge and expertise.

Beyond their work at TAFE, some members of the R&D department actively engage with the engineering community at large. Mr. S. Sriraman – Senior Vice President, R&D and Mr. A. Armstrong – Functional Head, Engine Team, R&D part of the management committee SAEISS were part of the official launch of AWIM (A World in Motion) 2016 at B. S. Abdur Rahman University, Chennai. Mr. Cuneyt L. Oge, SAE International President, was present at the launch of this Jet Toy competition.

AWIM as a Jet Toy competition was envisioned with a view to inculcate design thinking among the students. The enthusiastic participation of the university students and faculty made the program a grand success. In another SAEISS event at Veltech University, Mr. S. Sriraman and Mr. A. Armstrong along with Mr. Cuneyt L. Oge launched a Tractor Design Competition.

In yet another event, Mr. G. Senthilkumar – Principal Member, R&D, inaugurated the Association of Automobile Engineers along with Mr. Rathish Mallar at S. V. College of Engineering, Sriperumbadur. During the event, Mr. G. Senthilkumar also made a presentation titled “Field to table – Green Revolution” to a discerning audience.

Kudos to the TAFE R&D team for truly ‘Cultivating the World’.


Homage to Mr S Mahalingam

Mr. S. Mahalingam, TAFE Transport department passed away on January 15, 2015.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and loved ones of Mr. Mahalingam. For more than three decades Mr. Mahalingam took on the responsibility of steering the TAFE Transport department since its inception by Former Chairman, Mr. A. Sivasailam in 1985.

Starting with just five trucks, the department grew with the company. Mr. Mahalingam was eventually responsible for movement of tractors and materials from the Chennai plant to other South Indian destinations.

A member of the TAFE family till his last, we would like to honour and celebrate his life, cherishing all the times spent together.


A tradition in quality

Here is a photo from the 1960’s taken at the Massey Ferguson Training Centre in Stonleigh, England. The tractor in the photo is an MF 1007 being used in a trial paddy field for testing. What is noteworthy is the fact that despite the climate in UK not being conducive to cultivating Rice, efforts were made to simulate conditions akin to paddy fields to ensure that the products met customer expectations. Such is the dedication to product quality, exhibited through generations; a mantle now taken on by TAFE, which through its products is ‘Cultivating the World!’

With inputs from Mark Channell.