TAFE Sembiam consistently wins TPM Consistency Award

TAFE Sembiam embarked on its Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) journey in May 2007. Over the years it has successfully adopted the TPM way to leverage and capitalize its operations. The TPM Excellence Awards are instituted by the Japan Institute for Plant Maintenance (JIPM).

TAFE Sembiam has been awarded the “Award for Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment – 2014” by the JIPM Award committee, Japan. The audit initiated in August 2014 consisted of two stages. It followed a 9 Pillar Approach that was adopted by TAFE Sembiam for the Consistency level.

TAFE is one among the 22 companies that have been selected worldwide, outside of Japan under this category. We congratulate TAFE Sembiam and all those associated with this wonderful TPM journey.


Homage to Mr S Mahalingam

Mr. S. Mahalingam, TAFE Transport department passed away on January 15, 2015.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and loved ones of Mr. Mahalingam. For more than three decades Mr. Mahalingam took on the responsibility of steering the TAFE Transport department since its inception by Former Chairman, Mr. A. Sivasailam in 1985.

Starting with just five trucks, the department grew with the company. Mr. Mahalingam was eventually responsible for movement of tractors and materials from the Chennai plant to other South Indian destinations.

A member of the TAFE family till his last, we would like to honour and celebrate his life, cherishing all the times spent together.