TAFE s Annual Sales Conference 2015 16

Recently, Delhi witnessed the spectacle that TAFE’s Annual Sales Conference is. An event organized by TAFE’s Sales and Marketing team, it is a showcase of our products and capabilities. Attended by TAFE’s leadership group, Ms. Mallika Srinivasan – Chairman and CEO, Mr. R. C. Banka – Executive Director and Deputy CEO, Mr. G. Hari – President and COO, Mr. S. Chandramohan – Group CFO, Ms. Shobhana Ravi – CITILO, Mr. Muthukumar Thanu – Group CHRO, Mr. John Edwin, Sr. VP & CO – Manufacturing Excellence and Supply Chain, Mr. Ravindra Gupta, Vice President – Network Strategy and Allied Businesses Development, Mr. R. Murali Krishnan, Vice President – Product Management Group, Mr. Anand Santhanam, Vice President – National Sales and Business Development, Mr. P. K. Aggarwal, Vice President – Corporate Quality and Mr. A. L. Kumarappan, Associate Vice President – Sales and Business Development; this event was the platform where the way forward was chalked out and the goals were set. Held over two days and attended by around 350 participants from across India, the conference broke new ground in terms of presentation and showcasing the products, including the Massey Ferguson range of tractors and implements.

The theme of the conference was inspired by warriors from Indian scriptures and epics. Everyone present looked dapper in the team uniform. At the event itself, the Senior Management Group addressed everyone present, followed by a Qustions & Answers session. Awards were given out to exceptional performances during FY ’14 by teams and individuals. The event concluded with a parade of Massey Ferguson tractors fitted with new implements and applications, emphasising the compatibility of Massey Ferguson tractors for advanced farm machinization. These implements also included TAFE’s AgriStar brand. A special presentation informed all the participants about the equipment, the tractor and the functionality and advantages of the respective implements.

The Annual Sales Conference was not merely all business, as it also provided the opportunity for all the participants to unwind. Participants were given the chance to showcase their talents to everyone present and have a good time. Participants met their counterparts from across the country during this time and forged stronger bonds of friendship.

We wish the Sales and Marketing team the very best in their journey of Cultivating the World.

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