The Mayans Were Indeed Right

It was like yesterday, we were all watching this epic encounter between the mighty Indians and South Africans. OMG, a long hit, Amla stops it for a four but he has already reached the mark. With tears and happiness filled within us, we were all boasting up high, SACHIN SACHIN SACHIN… The GOD of cricket rises his bat high as he marks an epic, unbeaten 200 runs. But today he has decided to give up his blue colours. Two days ago, when the Chepauk stadium opened its counter for selling the tickets for the upcoming India-Pakistan encounter in the legendary stadium where legends made history, a sad news did reach among all those people who have been dying to watch him in the city of Chennai. The date 23-12-2012 will never be forgotten by anyone. Be it an Indian fan, an English, an Aussie or anyone, this guy has made everyone crazy. The Mayans were indeed right in their prediction. We all gonna miss him a lot, Chepauk’s gonna miss him a lot and of course the game of cricket will miss him a lot.

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