Moral of the Story

Here are two stories that make us realize something very valuable, which can be applied to anything that we do.

Wrong Prediction

Two friends were sitting by a river which was flowing in great speed. They spotted a bundle of wool in the water moving with the current. One of them said that he would reach out to the bundle and take it so they both can share it. But the other man disagreed saying that it would be risky to jumpy into that speedy water current.

The first man, out of greed, jumped in and tried to pull out the bundle out of the water. Due to the current, he found himself in a tough spot. The other man suspected that his friend will not be able to succeed in, and asked him to leave the bundle and swim back to the river bank.

The foolish man in the water then replied,”I left it already but it is not leaving me because it is not a bundle of wool, IT’S A BEAR!!!!”

Sometimes, we realize that our prediction is wrong only at the point of no return.
Brilliant Masters and Their Intelligent Helper Boys

Two rich men were chatting together and the topic shifted to their helper boys

The first guy said,” My boy is a fool, he just doesn’t comprehend anything“.

Hearing this, the other man said, “Fool’ is not a strong enough word to describe my boy.”

Then they decided to illustrate their helper boys’ idiocy with an example. The first man called his helper, gave him, Rs.10/- and told him to buy a brand new car for him and come back immediately. The servant calmly nodded and received the money and headed out.

The second man called his boy and asked him to go to his house and verify whether he is there in his house or not and come back immediately.

Both the helper boys met outside and talked among themselves.

The first helper boy told the other,”See! How foolish my master is. All shops will be closed today, as it is a Sunday. How will i buy the car?”

The second helper boy then said,” That’s nothing. See how stupid my master is. He has his mobile phone with him; why can’t he just make a call to his residence and check if he’s there?”

Your decision may be right, but your reason could be wrong.