Pre Assure – Pressure


Water from Tap, Waves from sea,
Seeds from sand, Words from mouth,
Thoughts from mind, Under normal circumstances
Flows with preassured flow.
That is 80 /120 reading.

When pressure increases,
Patience protest inside,
Blood boosts through veins,
Anger Accelerates,
And finally words explode as shell bombs.

What is pressure?
A mild sedation of unprovoked thoughts,
Sedates the neural system and leads to
Unwarranted and non-synchronised actions.
That is 180 /220 reading.

How to manage pressure?
Apply thought brakes,
Arrow your thoughts correctly,
Aim to be prepared for situations and
A pinch of common sense…..
Mind pressure decreases
Inner pleasure increases…


Girl – Gods Creation

Girl – God Invented Rolls Of Love,

You are as complicated as Algebra,

And as easy as Addition.

You are as sedative as Anasthesia,

And as silent as asylum.

With Apple Newton discovered Gravity,

With You God invented Clarity.

You are bundle of joy for parents,

pride for brothers,

perpetual love for Husbands,

Permanent love for Children.


Colours Of Life

Colours Of Life

When patience is out of station,

you hop in to me,

accelerate my anger,

agonize my harmony,

break my thoughts,

blow my heart,

you chill out Inside,

making a red-hot outside.


When patience is in-station,

you again pop in to me,

emote my Happiness,

evolve my peace,

and energize me.


I was in swirl to know you,

I searched for you,

and found you in me,

yes the colors of life

called as Emotions.


I wish to manage you,

but most times you manage me,

making me to listen and learn.





 Unknown by birth,

Unknown by relationship,

Unknown by faces,

Unknown by names,

Known only by love

Love – An ideal word,

Which teases in the beginning ,

And eases later,

When it eases, our two unknown hearts,

Which beat in different frequencies,

Tend to beat unanimously in the same frequency.

Marriage, a magnetic word,

Tends and intends lives

Which stands by ages

Through time, beyond emotions.


Silence – A Poem

Silence – A Beautiful Violence

Every day passes normally,

Every minute passes normally,

Earth rotates normally,

Everything is normal.


I am abnormal

Because of your silence.

SILENCE, a criss-cross violence,

We were friends,

Its just a past tense,

You passed the past tense,

And you’re in the future,

But I am still in the past.

I cried, I croaked,

I shouted ,I shackled,

And I did all to make you speak.

Then I realised a truth

“Silence is much stronger than Sound“


Lost Found


The day I saw you,

The day I spoke with you,

Lost my speech,

Lost my sense,

Found my love.


Then you said;

It’s over (Love),

I got lost again.

In the sea of vagueness,

I sailed for ages,

But I could not find the shore,

I wondered why?


I realized then

The love anchor was not lifted……..

Time is the doctor

Which healed me better.




I found I have patience,

I found I have perseverance,

I found I have continuousness,

Finally I lost my weakness

And found my strengths.





Evolution of Life

A mesmerizing word,

Which adds (+),

Which subtracts (-)

Which multiples (x)

And which divides (/)

Anything and everything in this world,

The word is called as “LOVE“.


Love makes you,

Love bakes you,

Love moulds you,

And love bolds

You and Me.


Love up to 5 is for mom,

Love up to 10 is for play,

Love up to 18 is for hormones,

Love up to 27 is for marriage,

Love up to 35 is for children,

Love up to 55 is for money,

Love after 55 is for peace,

Love for peace begins,

Where Life Ends.


Words For Mom

A few words about a mother.


You kept me inside,

Stuffed me inside,

Hugged me inside,

Cared for me inside,

You pulled me outside,

You laughed at me,

And, I cried at you.


You crawled with me,

Cried with me,

Smiled with me,

And, you amalgamated me.


You brought me to my dad,

You broguht me to my world,

You tutored me to my god,

You tutored me to who I am.



Life in Chennai – A Poem

Letters define words,

Words define sentences,

Sentences deliver meanings,

Like that you (Chennai) have,

Redefined me!


Take it easy ,

Is the way of life in Chennai,

Always taking it easy,

is the way of life for me!

Mom and dad are away,

And I am home alone here,

And you filled me with experience & maturity!


Time is camphor,

Which accelerates in to vapour,

And life with you (Chennai)

Is always a roller coaster ride!