Rules of Life

The rules of life are hard to follow

But making one is like having fun


If you do not step ahead

You will be in the same place


Life is not fair to all

You should get used to it


Rules are like Road blocks on a highway

Which gives you time to choose the Right way


Betraying it may be an easy way

But you will be the one to pity it

Don’t waste time in making the rule

You can turn the world with the life’s rule


The Window – A Poem

 I was never aware there would be a better tomorrow

Until I opened the window of opportunity

Thinking of what will happen makes me worse

 Do what you like’ makes me the best

 My days of worrying are a thing of the past

 Because I have found true aspiration at last

 I have opened a window

 Which has shown me the light,

 And my future will continue to burn bright!