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A look at the time of the powerful

It is said that time is money. But time is power too. It can make or break a person. And given time, any person can do wonders. With time comes power and it with comes with the responsibility of handling it judiciously. And so on and so forth.

Given today’s world, it is no wonder how people view time as precious. Maybe that is why Swiss watchmakers probably take so much effort in assembling a masterpiece of time that adds the power of carrying it in ones hands. But has anyone wondered what the people of power wear on their wrists? Here are the timeless watches that the worlds most powerful wear to control time.

  1. Barack Obama, President – USA
    TAG Heuer: Aqua racer
    Price: $2600

‘Mr. President’ has been wearing this watch for over 15 years. It does make us wonder whether the watch is just for show or has utility for a man whose appointments go by the second. As for being the world’s most powerful man he sure does wear simplicity with class on his wrist.

  1. Vladimir Putin, President – Russia
    Lange and Sohne: Tourbograph
    Price: $600,000

Yes. You read it right and that’s what it will be if you read it a hundred times over. The Russian premier is known for his watch collection with this just being his favorite. The numbers reach a whopping 700 watches in his collection and the costs, a fortune.

  1. Angela Merkel, Chancellor – Germany
    Boccia Titanium
    Price: $150

We all remember the lady in a red coat who jumped up in joy as the German team lifted the 2014 FIFA World Cup earlier this year. This leader of Germany wears a watch worth a mere 150 dollars and carries it off without a flinch.
Mr. President you’ve got competition on the simplicity front.

  1. Nikolas Sarkozy, Former President – France
    Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar White Gold
    Price: $30,000

The former French premier is known for his style. And the reason for him to wear the watch is what the world knows the French for, Love. Model and partner of Mr. Sarkozy, Carla Bruni has planted this masterpiece on his wrist. Given her illustrious past, it comes as no surprise that she should gift such a beauty!

  1. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister – India
    Price: $2295

India’s premier and the most influential man in the Indian subcontinent, Narendra Modi is surely a person of good taste. The Prime Minister’s favorite watch comes from the workshops of Movado in Switzerland. It is not just style, it is class.


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