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A walk in Rajputana shoes

The colors of Rajasthan are not just limited to its gem-studded monuments and hand woven textiles, but are visibly reflected in its accessories and lifestyle, like its much admired and unconventional footwear.

Commonly known as mojari or jooti, they are adored not only by the natives of Rajasthan, but also by visitors from across the globe. Exhibiting royalty of the Rajput rulers of Rajasthan on every person’s feet, the mojaris came into existence centuries ago.

Originally, pure camel leather was used for crafting them, but now due to increasing environmental concerns, artificial vegetable tanned leather is used. Worn by both, men and women, its special quality is to keep feet warm in winters and cool in summers. Additionally, camel leather would avoid feet from sinking in the sand.

Initially, only by the royals wore mojaris, and special cobblers would be hired to make them. Special and expensive gems, bound together with silk threads, were used for their decoration. As time passed by, even the normal people started wearing mojaris, and with time it reached all over India.

Presently, mojaris see its presence worldwide. From silk thread to colorful glittering bindis, a lot of creative work is done that catches the attention of every eye. The price can range anywhere from 200 to 5000 rupees. Majorly made for exports, it provides employment to a large number of people in Rajasthan.

So don’t just visit Rajasthan for its history and beautiful monuments and architecture, visit Rajasthan for an extravagant shopping experience too!

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