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Smart phones are common news these days, and by virtue of that, so are Applications or Apps – as they are commonly known, for these phones. Apps have become an integral part of our daily lives and it is impossible to imagine a life without them. There are apps for everything, be it food, lifestyle, gym, news, music, education, games and what not. There’s no doubt that they make our lives not only more interesting, but a lot easier. As amazing as these apps maybe, there are some that should not have been invented at all.

Here is a countdown list of some really sily apps invented:

Number 10:

Annoying Sounds:

Have you imagined unwinding to the sound of a jack hammer accompanied by the sound of nails scratching against metal? “Annoying Sounds” offers over 50 sounds that you can annoy your friends with. From the sound of multiple crying babies and screeching metal whistles to the sounds of people retching and screaming. This is a sure way to lose your hearing and your friends! The application is available both on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Number 9:


“Yo” is an application that allows you to communicate easily with friends, family and colleagues. Forget about long text messages and emoticons; with this app all emotions and ideas get compressed into a two character message – Yo. The only possible form of communication with this app is Yo. For instance – you want to say, “This app is crazy”, all you can type is, Yo. This app gives your fingers a rest from all that texting! “Yo” is available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store

Number 8:

My name is:

Remember the days when people used to wear identity cards at conferences, to help with easy identification? Those days are now over, “My name is”, is an app that functions, exactly like how an ID card does. It has over 20 fonts and background colour options, making it highly customizable. So the next time you‘re going for a meeting, wear your smart phone around your neck, like a tie. It’s the new must have accessory! “My name is “, is currently available only on the Google Play Store.

Number 7:

Is it dark outside:

“Is it dark outside”, uses your GPS location, date and time, and then proceeds to compare it with the expected sunrise or sunset time in the area, to let you know if it is dark outside. This is the perfect app for those of you, who are uncertain about whether it’s dark outside at 12 noon; or if you plan on moving into a closed cardboard box. This application is available both on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store.

Number 6:

I am Rich:

If you dream of becoming a multi millionaire, “I am Rich” can help you achieve that goal. When launched, the app displays a glowing red “diamond” and the catch phrase “I am Rich” in the background. Originally available on the App Store for a whopping 999.99 US dollars,   “I am Rich”, is now banned in the App Store. However, a similar version of the app, with a blue “diamond” is available on the Google Play Store. Though if you can afford the app, you are clearly on the right path.

Number 5:


Have you ever felt like catching a few minutes of sleep, right in the middle of a busy work day? If you have an office space with a door, the “iNap@Work” is the perfect app for you.  This app makes office like “productivity sounds”, ensuring your co-workers hear a constant din coming from your office space. Even though you’re snoring, colleagues will hear office sounds like typing, mouse clicks, papers being stapled and even human sounds such as clearing your throat or sneezing. You can adjust the settings on the phone to pick the sounds you want to imitate, and customize the frequency of the sounds to create the illusion of a busy or relatively free work day. However if your boss decides to do a surprise check, the app can’t save you. But hey, at least you caught up on your sleep! For now, this app is available only on App Store.


Anti Mosquito:

Bzzzzzz…. mosquitoes bothering you?  The “Anti Mosquito” app, promises to repel mosquitoes and other small insects, by emitting high frequency sounds. The frequencies are believed to be higher that what most humans can perceive. The “Anti mosquito” app is available on the Ovi Store, the App Store and the  Google Play Store. All the same, don’t throw away those mosquito nets just yet.

Number 3:

Hold the button:

At least Candy Crush requires some level of thinking. “Hold the button”, is a game that requires you to hold the button that appears on screen, for the longest possible duration, without lifting your finger. Users can either challenge their friends, or beat their own previous records at the game. This game really tests your patience, will power and dedication. The app is available on both on the Google Play Store and on the App Store. Now that’s an intellectually stimulating app!

Number 2:

Hair Clinic:

If you’re developing a bald patch, and don’t have the funds for a hair transplant procedure, the “Hair Clinic” is your best bet.  This app generates various high and low frequencies, in order to promote circulation around hair roots, thereby encouraging hair growth. However, if one were to mistakenly place the device in the wrong place or, use it for extended periods of time, one could become completely hairy, like a Gorilla. Currently this app is available only on the App Store.

Number 1:

Send me to heaven:

There are many more bizarre apps, but the title of the most bizarre app goes to “Send me to heaven”. The goal of the game is simple, users have to throw their phones as high as they can, without breaking it .The app’s accelerometer calculates how far the device goes, and the results are uploaded to the apps’ leader boards. Despite having been banned by the App Store, “Send me to heaven”, is available in the Google Play Store .This app has inspired other games with similar ideas such as “Hangtime”; an app that records the time your phone remains in air, after it is thrown, and “How Tall “- which measures a person’s height, when the device is thrown from above.

Tempting as it is, avoid downloading theses apps as they can only lead to irritation and frustration, and you can never get back the hours you spent on them.

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