Elections 2014 – The time to act

An election in a democracy is an act of choosing someone for a public office by voting. According to the election commission, the 16th Lok Sabha election is expected to host 780 million registered voters which is higher as compared to the 15th Lok Sabha elections and voting will take place in 543 constituencies in India. With an added 100 million newly eligible voters, this will be the longest and the most expensive general election in the history of the country. (

When elections arrive, the first thing that comes to mind is to whom we shall cast our vote for. Don’t worry this article is not about supporting anybody, but a reminder about the right to vote.

Why is it important to vote? Does voting make any difference? Yes, voting does make a difference. Voting is the best way to get one’s opinion heard. Your vote is your voice. Voting gives us power to bring a change. If we care to vote, our voices will be heard loud and clear. Thereby politicians will be aware of the opinions and preferences of the public. The elected representatives are guided by what we say, particularly when we vote. If we don’t vote it gives an impression that we don’t fulfill the basic duty.

Voting is our right and our duty. Four points to clear your mind before heading out to the voting booth.

  • 1.     Have a clear understanding of the parties and candidates contesting in the national elections.
  • 2.     Think through before picking the right party/candidate, about whether the ideology and polities are in line with your expectations.
  • 3.     Know your local candidate in your constituency and where are they contesting from, etc.
  • 4.     The 49(O) option, we as citizens have the option of choosing NOTA-vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Needless to say that voting does influence the future generation. By voting we can set an example for others as well as for our future citizens. Voting is the basic right and the informed decision of every citizen. It is the chance to make your voice heard. So make it count and make a difference.

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