Harnessing Lives at JRehab Centre

Recently, The New Indian Express covered JRehab Centre, a special unit of TAFE, engaged in the production of wiring harnesses, at Alampatti, near Madurai. JRehab was the dream of Mr. A Sivasailam, the founder chairman of the Amalgamations Group, established in 1980, to help orthopedically challenged women. It was his dream to support the physically disabled, by helping them earn a good living with dignity and self esteem, and to make them self reliant and independent.


Today, JRehab has an all-women work force, who make wire harnesses, fender harnesses, battery cables, trailer sockets and toolkit bags for tractors and other automobiles manufacturers.


This unit is run as a regular business and has its targets and plans, which have been consistently achieved. The women employed here are provided with appropriate transport and other amenities like food and personal assistance to make their work ambience conducive. They are also provided with calipers once in a year, without any cost.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) began at TAFE, way before it became the latest buzzword, and still continues to be an important part of the organization. At TAFE, we do not look at CSR as giving back to the society, but consider it as sharing what we have with the community.


J Rehab has been recognized by the central and the state governments, and TAFE is glad at what it has achieved.

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