Honoring the brave hearts at TAFE

Chennai, India!  A sought after business destination across the world. Home to thousands of migrants across the country. Business hub of Tamil Nadu – Automobiles, IT, Education.Culture capital of the south.Tropical humid weather, hot, hotter and hottest summers. But after this recent deluge, world over we have been hashtagged, #Chennai Floods. A new name for a phenomenon that hasn’t occurred in the last 100 years.

The incessant and heavy downpour coupled with the flooding of its water bodies transformed a city bustling with people and traffic to mere islands of despair. Some streets turned into watery graves and people have just about managed to survive the wrath of these floods.

Social media emerged as the hero. It brought the entire city together. Binding us with empathy and deeper emotions of forgotten brotherhood. Recently in a blog a lady rescued by some volunteers, wrote, I am glad that my young children are witnessing the rescue and relief efforts around the city, where everyone is reaching out to the other, opening their homes and hearts, for if anything happens in the future, they will know how to help people when the situation demands.

And there were good Samaritans, young and old, who went about doing all the good they could, to people around them. They played a great role in the rescue and relief efforts in the city. Some of them set up command centers to help people connect with their families and others directed resources and volunteers to locations where they were needed the most. Some worked with local communities and some on their own.

At TAFE we had such ‘Heroes’ amongst us, people who took upon themselves the task of, feeding, clothing, transporting, rescuing, sheltering or to simply put it, helping those who needed it the most. It didn’t matter whether they were people who they had known; all that mattered was that someone needed assistance and it was provided without any questions asked. It wasn’t an action premeditated or expecting a return, it was an act of compassion from one human being to another. It was an act of Individual Social Responsibility and TAFE in a small ceremony at its Head Office honored these employees who acted with great courage and are an inspiration to many, making this city a better place to live.

TAFE’s values have been unchanged by time and dynamic business landscapes. And that is not just a statement. At TAFE, CSR has never been just a buzz word, it has been deep rooted, an intrinsic part of its value system. In addition to honoring the ‘Heroes’, TAFE also put together a care package for all those employees who were affected by the flood. Packed with all the basic necessities that a family would need, it is a promise that TAFE takes care of every member of its family.

And in an endeavor to help in the rehabilitation of the society on a whole, TAFE Chairman and CEO, Ms. Mallika Srinivasan met with the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and presented a cheque for INR 3 crores towards the Chief Ministers Flood Relief Fund. It will also be conducting medical camps in the flood affected areas in an effort to curb the possibilities of diseases that arise in the aftermath of such a calamity. It is a strong affirmation of TAFE’s pledge to serve the community and society and nurture and protect the environment. It reaffirms that everyone at TAFE is driven by values, at work or outside. All in the quest to, Cultivate the world!

To view the complete album of the event, click here.

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