Landmarks in Huzur Gardens

1. The Monument of Huzur – The dictionary defines a monument as something built or placed to commemorate a person or event, something shown or maintained for depicting historical or aesthetic interest. When TAFE’s founder Chairman Mr. S. Anantharamakrishnan purchased the Huzur Gardens estate five decades ago, there was a monument existent inside the garden, presently at the entrance of Shardlow India Limited. As requested by the previous owner of the estate, the monument is preserved till date by the Amalgamations Limited. Though it is a small building, a beautiful garden maintained around the structure never fails to attract people passing by.

2. Founder Chairman – Mr. S Anantharamakrishnan’s Statue – Within Huzur Gardens, right at the entrance of India Pistons Limited (IPL), stands the statue of the founder chairman of TAFE, Mr. S. Anantharamakrishnan in front of the administrative building of IPL. It grabs the attention of almost every, and stands evidence to the everlasting presence of the architect of Huzur Gardens, which paved way for the formation of numerous companies of the Amalgamations Group.

3. The Big Banyan Tree – When we enter the compound through the front gate, to the left side, you can see a beautiful lawn housing a huge banyan tree at the center. The tree is quite thought provoking and propagates a distinct peace of mind. Spending some time under the tree will definitely help you rejuvenate your brain, body and senses.

4. The Huzur Garden Stonehenge – Behind the staff canteen of TAFE is a big lotus pond. Walking down the path up till the end of the pond, you will come across a semi circular structure formed out of columns with a roof and some chairs, which are completely made up of granite stones. I have seen a similar structure in Chamundi Hills at Mysore. This structure was built by the First Chairman of TAFE, Mr. A. Sivasailam, in the memory of his sister Ms. Kalyani Sundaram who used to sit here gazing at the lotus pond.


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