Sidharth Among Top Ten Indian Cube Masters of All Ages

Mastery over cubing is a great achievement. It not only requires great practive, memorisation skills and algorithm to stay top in the cubing arena, but also perseverence to expand the horizon of cubing knowledge at all times.

We have Master Sidharth Sriraman, son of Mr.S.Sriraman, Vice President (R&D), a whiz kid in his 8th Standard to become one among top ten Indians in the Cubing Arena. This is a great achievement considering that this competition in India is not age specific and our Kiddo Master Sidharth Sriraman has to compete with who’s who of cubic arena.

Let us congratulate Master Sidharth and the proud father for this great achievement and wish him to bring more laurels in the world stage.

To add  on to his achievements, Sidharth Sriraman was adjudged third with the personal best average time of 3.83 seconds in the Carte Blanche Kube open held in Chennai recently.

Way to go, Sid!

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