TAFE Organises Young Achiever Awards 2012

TAFE recognises achievements at every stage, and on this note, the TAFE Young Achiever Awards 2012 was held at the Sembium Plant premises this past week. The function recognized all the employees’ children who excelled in their 10th and 12thstd exams this year.

Employees gathered around with their families in order to proudly celebrate their children’s academic achievement. After a good lunch, the families were taken on a tour around the Sembiam factory premises.

Post their factory visit, the awards function commenced. The chief guests of the occasion were R C Banka – Executive Director and Deputy CEO, G.Hari – President and COO Tractor Business, and S.Ramakrishnan – CITO TAFE.

After some very special words from the dignitaries, awards were distributed to the young stars, and they came up on stage to receive them, with their respective families.

The concluding part of the event saw smiling faces all around, and the employees felt a sense of belongingness with TAFE.

Cheers to these bright young children for their outstanding performance!

We wish them all the best in their future pursuits!

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