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Accolades for TAFE at TPM Awards 2015

The TPM Excellence Awards 2015 were announced recently and in the ‘Outside Japan’ category, three of TAFE’s locations have been awarded. TAFE Engineering Plastics and Tool Room Division (EPD) – Maraimalai Nagar won the, Award for Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment and the Award for TPM Excellence, Category A was received by TAFE Doddaballapur Plant and TAFE Madurai Operations.

The awards were conferred in Kyoto, Japan on March 23, 2016 at the TPM Awards Ceremony.

TAFE’s embarked on this TPM journey almost a decade ago and it steadfast commitment to quality has seen multiple locations across the organization take up the TPM challenge and emerge triumphant. Congratulations to the TAFE EPD Maraimalai Nagar Plant, TAFE Doddaballapur Plant and TAFE Madurai Operations for winning this prestigious award.

The Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) launched the PM award system in 1964, to “strengthen the improvement of enterprise constitutions and contribute to the development of industry, by promoting the modernization of plant maintenance and the development of plant maintenance technologies.”

The Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) award was introduced by JIPM in 1971 and is defined as ‘the ultimate method of pursuing production efficiency’. It is intended to encompass the entire company from the shop floor to the executive boardroom, creating a true companywide commitment to production excellence, and is designed to avoid any losses by creating a culture of ‘zero accidents, zero defects and zero breakdowns’.

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