Free falling 123 feet above Chennai

On a hot Saturday afternoon, the first ever “Festival of Speed” was organized in India by Bajaj Pulsar at the Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT) in Irrungattukotai. True to its name, 36 of the best riders from across the country were brought in to race. The bike of choice was the Pulsar RS200.

It was an ambitious title to live up to and the festival did not disappoint. The visitors were treated to, an awe inspiring performance of bike stunts by India’s best stunt team – Ghost Riders, a concert by Benny Dayal, who fused beats from Northern and Southern India for a lively mashup and adrenaline junkies got an opportunity to try something rarely seen in this part of the country, Bungee Jumping!

The Bungee Jumping – Falling freely platform was setup at a whooping 123 feet above ground, giving the participant a birds-eye view of the area and riders racing on the track. Mohit Thakur, part of the PD&E team from TAFE R&D, took this opportunity to register for the jump. His excitement engulfed his initial nervousness when the bucket was raised to its maximum height with the help of a crane.

At maximum height with a breath taking view of the sky, the ground and the tiny bikes racing across the track, Mohit felt a sense of calm. And when the moment came he raised his hands, and took the leap. The ground rushing towards him, falling head first with nothing to hold onto, it was a moment he would cherish for long; his first free fall. It was half way through the fall that he felt the chord grip and he regained his composure as he bounced a couple of times before it ended.

An adrenaline fuelled moment, a memory for life; a small leap of courage, a big jump in Mohit’s happiness.


TAFEites at the helm of SAE India Southern Section

In a development of great pride, Mr. S. Sriraman, Vice President of TAFE Research and Development (R&D) has been designated as the new Chairman of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) India Southern Section. SAE India Southern Section consists of five division and has more than 26000 members. He will be leading a team consisting of automotive professionals from academia and various companies/ institutes in south India. The focus of SAE India Southern Section is on Mobility Industry and Institutions in the Service of Humanity.

Additionally, Mr. V. Srinivasan, Senior Associate Vice President – TAFE Madurai Operations will be the new Chair of Madurai Division for SAE India, Southern Section and Mr. A. Armstrong, Functional Head, Engine Team, TAFE R&D has also been nominated as one of the management committee members. Armstrong previously held the position of Treasurer at SAE India, Southern Section.

TAFE is proud of Mr. Sriraman, Mr. Srinivasan and Mr. Armstrong and wish them all the very best in carrying out these additional responsibilities.


Former TAFE employee wins Life Time Achievement Award from SAE International

Retd. Cmde. Rakesh Verma, who recently retired as Executive Vice President R&D – TAFE, was honoured with the “Life Time Achievement Award” by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) International, during their Leaders Conclave held recently in Chennai. To honour the winners SAE International Board members were present.

Cmde. Verma had an illustrious career wherein he was part of the Indian Navy in various capacities for 31 years and specialized in Submarines. Part of TAFE for about 17 years, he played a crucial role in bringing together TAFE and SAEISS.

We at TAFE are proud of Retd. Cmde. Rakesh Verma and his achievements and wish him the very best in all his future endeavors.


TAFE at the 3rd International CTI Symposium and Exhibition

Mr. T. Rajkumar represented TAFE at the ‘CTI Symposium – Automotive Transmissions, HEV and EV Drives’ which was part of the Transmission Expo held in Suzhou, China. The event being held in China – the world’s largest automotive market, attracted a galaxy of experts in the field of transmission. During the course of the expo, discussions on the development trends in the field were held at length. Mr. Rajkumar presented a paper titled “Torque converter selection for tractor applications” at the expo, which was not only well received but commended by the delegates present.

This opportunity also allowed him to meet some of the top experts and witness the direction the field is taking at the expo. Mr. Rajkumar who has completed his MTech (Machine Design) with First Class with distinction, from Bharat University, Chennai is keen to share his knowledge with TAFE associates. Incidentally, his project for the MTech was in collaboration with TAFE and CVRDE, Avadi, titled “Selection of Torque converter for Offhighway Application”.

This achievement is special considering it showcased TAFE and its capabilities on a global stage; personifying, ‘Cultivating the World’.

We wish Mr. Rajkumar all the success!


TAFE engages its engineers for global project

Mr. R. Ramraj and Mr. Manoj, two of our R&D engineers, have been a part of the AGCO Global team. They are actively involved in design and development of a global tractor project named “Centurion”. This is indeed a proud moment for TAFE to collaborate on this prestigious global platform.

We wish them All the very Best!


Commemoration blood donation camp at TAFE Reach Chennai

TAFE Reach Ltd., Chennai paid homage to Ex-Chairman Mr. A. Sivasailam on his birth anniversary by organizing a Blood donation camp on August 25, 2014. The camp was inaugurated by Mr R. Manoharan, General Manager – Finance and Mr T. S. Raja, Chief Operating Officer. Over 60 active donors participated.


Blood Donation Camp TAL Erode on the 50th Anniversary of Founder Chairman

Mr. Venkatpathy, GM Operations, TAFE Reach Limited, reports from TRL, Erode, Tamil Nadu, that the management and staff of TAFE Reach Limited, Erode, participated in a blood donation camp in the memory of our Founder Chairman Mr. S. Anantharamakrishnan, on the occasion of his 50th anniversary on Apil 18, 2014, further rededicating themselves to our Core Values – Society and People.

We are proud of this noble gesture by our team and wish them to lead by example, in our journey of enriching lives and empowering dreams. Every drop counts, every life matters!


Sidharth Among Top Ten Indian Cube Masters of All Ages

Mastery over cubing is a great achievement. It not only requires great practive, memorisation skills and algorithm to stay top in the cubing arena, but also perseverence to expand the horizon of cubing knowledge at all times.

We have Master Sidharth Sriraman, son of Mr.S.Sriraman, Vice President (R&D), a whiz kid in his 8th Standard to become one among top ten Indians in the Cubing Arena. This is a great achievement considering that this competition in India is not age specific and our Kiddo Master Sidharth Sriraman has to compete with who’s who of cubic arena.

Let us congratulate Master Sidharth and the proud father for this great achievement and wish him to bring more laurels in the world stage.

To add  on to his achievements, Sidharth Sriraman was adjudged third with the personal best average time of 3.83 seconds in the Carte Blanche Kube open held in Chennai recently.

Way to go, Sid!